Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Un-Sheeping Believable

Has it really come to this? It just seems wrong that I am modeling a sweater for a little poodle. At least the tension from knitting and guessing on the pattern rinsed away with the lavender wool wash. It is sure to fit one of the little dogs, and that will probably just encourage her to knit more of these things. This was supposed to be Soho Cables, but she wanted to knit it right.now, and when she could not get it for immediate download, and shipping more than doubled the price of the pattern, she ended up using a free pattern that required a lot of guessing and fiddling with the downsizing, and then there was ripping and cursing, and then in the search for the buttons she spotted me, and that is how I ended up in this superwash--insult to injury, I tell ya--dog sweater.

Oh, and you wanted to know about my intentions for 2011? I intend to not have to wear another dog sweater, but that might be a losing battle, so I will work on acceptance.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Still Here

However, I really do not have much to show for my time. I wove a scarf (mohair is just as much a joy to un-weave as it is to un-knit), helped out with visiting family from out-of-town, baked bread, finished one sleeve, and started another. At one point, I viewed the first sleeve as a metaphor for my life--long, gray, unimpressive, more work than it should be, and curled up on itself. Then I laughed at how ridiculous I was being and started the second sleeve.

Of course, I have been doing other things. There is lace, and it is very good, but it is sooper-sekrit for just a little while longer. Knitting lace is always good, and this pattern is fun and just a little bit different. Making this from fabulous yarn for a great person has also added to the enjoyment. I can probably show this to you next week, but the weather keeps interfering with things. I would cross my fingers, but I really need them to finish my sweater, and the temperatures have definitely been wool-worthy.

Friday, December 03, 2010

UM...Crazy Crackers

Scrabble :: Tiles
Watching :: Weight
Habitually :: Drunk
Gritty :: Details
Slovenly :: Lazy
Canvas :: Blank
Leggings :: Thighs
Thursday :: F.O.A.D.
Attention :: Span
Hypnotic :: Melody

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Weaving Wednesday

Not counting some experimental washcloths I still need to finish sewing the ends under, this is my first effort on the new loom. I liked it right away, but when I looked it over, it did not seem good enough for a gift; then I showed it to others. So far, they either have wanted it for themselves or knew just whom I should give it to as a present.

Anyway, I now have something rather different on the loom, and am planning future projects. Thanks to Stacey, I know that the next addition to my library needs to be Textures and Patterns for the Rigid Heddle Loom by Betty Linn Davenport. I think that will help me take my weaving where I would like it to go. I also really want to make a couple of these waffle-y scarves for some people. Then, there are the tartans I want to weave, and the rug for the front door, and the cute little tote, and, and, and.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just Like Vogue Knitting

It is all Crazy Town, all the time around here. No better time for a niece and nephew weekend, right?

I shared this brilliant animation from Franklin, with my husband and nephew. We were constantly quoting from it and being silly; however, it also inspired thoughtful reflection in my nephew. He considered just how long it takes to knit a cabled scarf for someone, how many stitches are in a sweater, and whether each stitch says, "I love you."

Upon discovering that I had not replenished the supplies of Stretch Magic beading cord, thus ruling out a fun beading session, my niece launched into critical mode. She told me that she thinks I made my Mariner Moose, that there is no such thing as Stitch 'n' Pitch--that I made it all up. Then I showed her the fiber that I received with the bobblehead moose, and that softened her attitude significantly. She loves the colors, and wants me to make it into a scarf for her. Next, she asked whether the new loom could be used to make a blanket, and her view of it changed dramatically, as well.

Speaking of the loom, I wove my first scarf. Just like knitting, it benefited from a dunk in hot water and wool wash. Anyway, I like it pretty well, even though I do see where I need to improve. I learned several things throughout the process, and that is always good. I would show it to you, but we will all have to wait until I locate the camera cord.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Not Drankin'

Nevertheless, I am weaving. Besides my new loom, I do not have anything to show just yet, but I have ideas. There are also many new vocabulary terms for me to understand, as well as a different pattern language to decode, and of course, new skills and techniques to master.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome (I hope) a new lurker. If you are able to and would like to, feel free to comment. I do believe you were trying to give me a clue to let me know you had found the blog, but my brain was not working very well the other day. On the other hand, my it is possible that my brain is still not working well, I am seeing meaning where there is none, and this is all just an overworking of my imagination, and wishful thinking on my part.

I do apologize for the somewhat cryptic message meant for just one possible reader, and appreciate everyone indulging me in this. As a thank you for your support and understanding, I am sending hugs to all of you who like them, and a spore-friendly thumbs-up to those of you who do not.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Does it mean that I will bring bad luck when I cross people's paths while wearing this? Black cats may have a bad reputation, but they get good marks in my book for keeping me company.

I also love that I have so much company with time confusion. I enjoy the time change not only for this reason, but also, because for a few more days, I will almost feel like I am somewhere between on-time and ahead.

Everything :: About You
China :: Doll
Essence :: Ecstasy/Nothing Lasts Forever
Immediate :: Gratification
Obstruct :: Bowels
Force :: Hand
Constellation :: Project
Intuitive :: Simple
Complain :: Whine
Train :: Wreck

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just Nod and Smile

Check out these fabulous gifties my friend, Laura, sent me! They showed up on a long, rainy day, and gave me just the lift I needed. I absolutely love this little guy. He is so freaking adorable I can hardly stand it. My new bobblehead knitting Mariner Moose watches over me, encouraging me on my NaKniSweMo journey and more. I am being good and not getting the fabulous fiber on the wheel until I finish the current fiber. It is very motivating, and that is always good. Mariner Moose is nodding in agreement.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Inauspicious Beginning

NaKniSweMo is here, and I am playing, (Halloween Vest) however the start has not been what I had hoped. I was checking which size I would knit, measured myself, (eek!) and cast on for the appropriate size. Just a few rounds in, it seemed off by more than a little. Then I got out the calculator and checked numbers with the gauge in the pattern, and was glad I had not gone any further. If I continued with those numbers and that gauge, I will have a garment about 5" larger around than the size I was knitting. For now, I am tossing it aside and playing Wii.

Since we're all friends here, I'll show yo
u what it looked like off the needles.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Proof of Spinning

Well, it just did not work for me to make it up to the little fiber event in Tennessee over the weekend. It was a two-steps forward, three-steps back situation, and while I was a bit disappointed, not going was the right choice. Besides, I might have wanted to pick up a little bit more fiber, and I already have quite a bit here. Just thinking of what awaits me in the stash is more than enough to keep me happy at the wheel.

I finally finished spinning the pink singles I began during the Tour de Fleece. I tried something a little bit different with these. I did not completely spin one bobbin of singles and then the second. Instead, I alternated between the two. This was a tip from the dvd, The Gentle Art of Plying. We will see whether I notice a difference. I think this is going to become a lace scarf, but I will wait to decide until after I see what kind of yarn I have when it is finished. So far, I am really pleased with the results, as it seems softer, squishier, and sproingier than anything I have ever spun before. It is still in the process of drying, and I only gave a half-hearted attempt at guessing yardage. I think I might have somewhere between 750-850 yards, but I will definitely do a re-check before picking a pattern.


Next up on the wheel was a fail. Everything about that wool was a battle, so I stopped and looked for something else. There was a small adventure with silk, but the skin on my hands was not right for it. Time spent in the wash water for the pink yarn saw to that. Then I grabbed some lovely alpaca, and then I divided the fiber for a three-ply yarn. Kiwi is loving the different oil I used when I changed the bobbin and pulley, and I think I am liking the yarn I am creating.

I would get back to the wheel now, but my Salt Peanuts cardigan is in need of attention. I noticed something was not right, and had to frog a bit. I have checked the errata, and am back on track. I would be more irritated that there were mistakes in the pattern, but I am just enjoying the knitting of this sweater too much.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hugs for Friends

As you already know, I have been knitting some shawls. You have seen parts of them, but pictures of the finished pieces had to wait until after I had gotten them to where they were meant to be. To me, when I make a shawl for someone, I think of it as a knitted hug. And hugs were exactly what I wanted to send to three friends from long ago.


Monday, October 18, 2010

When the Time is Right, Right?

It seems that I think about it at all the wrong times. When the heat of the summer seems like it will never end and I am longing for Fall, it creeps into my mind, but the idea of that growing fabric of stranded wool covering me pushes it away almost as quickly as it entered, and it stays away for a while. When I think about it in the middle of winter, it feels ridiculous to knit it, as the next occasion to wear it is so far away. Then there are times like now, when it would be quite natural to be knitting it, if it were not so close to the big day and finishing it in time is more pressure than I want, and even if that were not the case, it is an unrealistic timetable for completion.


However, what might be more ridiculous than any of these, is having the yarn and pattern and just letting it sit. That makes me want to form a plan. I considered just casting on now, but I worry that pressure to finish before the end of the month might take away some of the enjoyment, and it might mess up my tension, and that is even more trouble on a stranded project. The next logical time (in my mind, at least) to cast on would be Groundhog Day. That idea really appeals to me. You know how I like to celebrate Groundhog Day in the biggest way I can, although my options are usually quite limited. Still, that is months away, life is short, and I forget things.

Then, I began to think about other events coming soon, and whether I would participate. NaBloPoMo will be here before we know it, and along with it is NaKniSweMo. While I do not really feel like the former, this could be excellent for the latter. While not a complete sweater, I think all that is involved qualifies it. Besides, I really do not think the innerwebs knitting police are interested in what I am doing.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

UM...Swatching Saves?

Well, I hope it does. I was desperate, and despite hitting more record highs, (though the rumors are for cooler temperatures soon) I have started swatching for Salt Peanuts. I needed to find something new to knit, and I was in a hurry. I had made the mistake of knitting a couple of rounds on a long-hibernating sock, and it nearly stole my will to live.

Anyway, although the cardi from Verena is prettier, I feel more like knitting something a bit plainer and looser fitting. As for the sock, I will return to it soon, and it knows the score--grow or go.

Intruder :: Bedroom
Repelled :: Attracted
Trench coat :: Flasher
Lipstick :: Stain
Humongous :: Ginormous
Oven mitts :: Burnt
Case :: Champagne
Daughter :: Mother
Attorney :: At Law
Shaken :: Stirred

Monday, October 11, 2010

Winning at Unclaimed Baggage

Last week was Fall Break and we were looking for something different to do. None of us was really up for much of a road trip, so we went to Unclaimed Baggage. If I had been there on my own, I would have spent my time there differently, but instead, it was a bit disjointed and random. Actually,UCB1 that describes me a bit, but that is neither here nor there. Anyway, I finally made my way out to the annex building and found a little bit of yarn.

The first find was a bag with a partial blanket on the hook, a partial top on the needles (might be a cotton/linen yarn), a skein of handspun, a partial skein of either Noro or Boku, some kitchen cotton, as well as a few extra dpns. UCB2OverspunNext up was a full bag of some Knit Picks seconds yarn. As the paper states, it is a little overspun, but I can think of several ways to make it work for me. I had better, as I now have ten skeins of this sportweight yarn. Besides, I knit with my handspun often enough, and it is often overspun, too, so I should be good. Anyway, the last bundle I found was very interestingUCB3Washed. I was hopeful as I looked through a sealed plastic bag containing Knit Picks Essential in Multi and Tweed, Wool-Ease, and Cascade Pastaza (some of which was in the form of several knit mitered squares). I was a bit concerned upon opening the bag, as the yarn inside had a heavy, perfumed scent that was not my favorite. However, after a dunk in some hot water and wool wash, a rinse in the morning, an afternoon on the clothes rack, and I have some fabulous new yarn.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fall is Fabulous

I love the weather we have been having lately. Cooking and baking are much more pleasant now that they do not make it so hot in the house. I have a few loaves of bread in either the oven or cooling. I am also getting ready to bake a coconut cake for a party this weekend.

The cooler temperatures also make me want to knit sweaters. It is good that I am not fast at knitting a sweater, as I do not really need too many, but I have quite enjoyed looking at patterns lately. I think I might knit Salt Peanuts in grey. I think I have enough of a yarn that will work in the stash, so that makes it something of a front-runner. Then again, Helen gave me this lovely magazine, and among the many lovely patterns inside, the cardigan on the cover really calls to me. Of course, I am smitten by the Exclusive Orenburg Shawl, but for some reason could not convince any of my friends that it should be the next knitalong. Then again, I might need a moment before tackling that 50"x98" triangular shawl, but back to the cover cardi. I actually think I might have a good yarn in the stash for it, too, so we shall see what I do.

By the way, do you see the bit of red laceweight yarn lying on the magazine? That is what was left after binding-off the Medallion Lace Shawl. Someday, I will perhaps have more stories of the red, lace yarn of abundance, but for now, I have blocking, photos, and mailing to do. Yes, we all know how spectacular I am at that last one.

Friday, October 01, 2010

UM...Fingerless Friday, Now with More Random

PinkSerpentineMittsProgressI brought these Serpentine Mitts out of hibernation for travel knitting. It worked out well, and steered my mind toward portable knitting. They have been nice to keep with me to work on while we have been out-and-about on errands and in waiting rooms. Their small size and ease of working on while on the go almost makes me want to knit socks again--almost. I have been able to work on these mitts a bit more, and I only have one more thumb to knit before I have a finished pair.

FarFetchedHowever, before finishing those, I decided to begin some others. I used Fetching as a starting point, and ended up with these. If I knit them again, I will make 2-4 fewer increases on the thumb gusset. Still, I like the pair, and they stretch and snuggle most any size hands.

We have been doing some home maintenance and improvement. Last night was painting, and it required having the door open for a bit. This let a few mosquitoes in for us to swat and squish. More got in than I had figured, as I discovered over two dozen bites on my feet when I was getting ready this morning. That was a bit of a puzzler, but I spent more time thinking about the odd dream I had just had.

It was a bizarre one that had many celebrities. I cannot remember most of them, but eventually I ended up in a yarn store where the yarn was 50% off, but the prices were already too high, so the discount only brought things down to a few cents below what most stores charge. Anyway, Bill Murray was working there, by the Cascade 220 if I recall correctly. I sat down on one of those stability balls across the display from him, and he is going on with some anecdote. I could not tell whether he was eventually going to try to talk me into or out of buying yarn when the alarm clock sounded, and I was awake and the dream was over.

After reading about my dream, you would probably feel cheated if I did not share my Unconscious Mutterings for the week, so here they are.

Return :: To Sender
Alarms :: Ringing
State :: Your Business
Picture frame :: Crooked
Wreath :: Holly
Arrest :: Punishment
Sincere :: Apology
Nathan :: Cousin
Bag :: Fake
Arched :: Enemy

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New York, New Yarn

We are back from New York, and it was wonderful. I still have more laundry and a bit of unpacking left, but we are pretty close to being settled back in at home. There was so much to do and see, but I will spare you much of the travelogue for now, and get straight to the yarn.

We made it to two yarn stores, Habu Textiles, and School Products Yarn, and I was able to enhance the stash a little bit. I wish I could show you the yarns better, and even more, that you could meet them in person. As usual, most of the colors are way off in my photos.

From Habu, you see (left to right) bamboo, bamboo/copper, wool/stainless steel, wool, silk/stainless steel, merino wool, bonus sample gifties (silk, mohair/silk, linen/silk), and then handspun silk at the bottom.

At School Products Yarn, I picked up (from top to bottom) cashmere/mohair, silk/cashmere, and merino/cashmere/angora yarns. The blue 70% silk/ 30% cashmere yarn is four strands wound together into one cake, so I have a bit of work ahead of me to separate them into separate skeins.

I do not have plans for the yarn, but am pleased with my selections. I wanted to get yarns that I do not have available locally, and I did that with all of these yarns. While I think I will knit some of these yarns into gifts for others, some of them might become lace for me.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Anybody else read those Stieg Larrson books and then feel the need to knit something Swedish?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Wednesday, Right?

Let the random fly!

The dvd collection has grown. Now I know what happened on the fourth season of Dexter just in time for the beginning of the fifth season. We do not have Showtime, so I will be out of the loop before too long. However, the other dvd set is already blowing my mind and making me excited about spinning, so I have plenty to occupy my time. Also, watching it while folding laundry makes folding laundry not so horrible.

Speaking of ordinary tasks, I am spending less time doing one of them. Of course, I am talking about tying my shoelaces. Lifehacker (do not recall just how I ended up there) directed me to the Ian Knot. It will change your life.

Speaking of changes, Bloglines is going bye-bye by the first of October. Have you snuggled up to Google Reader, or do you use something else? Some have suggested connecting the blog with Facebook, but that is not for me.

Speaking of Facebook, I was looking at stats for the blog the other day, (I used to look at those obsessively, but not so much lately) and it seems that there has been a good bit of traffic leading people here, specifically, to the entry for the last pair of mittens that I knit.

Speaking of mittens, they are one of the few things that have not been on my packing list. I want to pack light to make room for souvenirs traveling simpler and more enjoyable, but I fear being unprepared and not having something that I need. I learn a lot each time I travel about what I need to bring, and what is best left at home. I used to bring way too much knitting, but I have a better grasp on that. Speaking of travel knitting, it is time to pick some out right now.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mystery Monday

The countdown clock for our trip to NYC ticks ever closer to departure. Since I am not really sure of the schedule, I do not know what all to plan to do while we are there. It will be a short visit, so it both takes pressure off, as I know we cannot do it all, and adds pressure, knowing that our time is so limited. People have been offering their lists of must-see, must-do, and must-eat in New York, and they all sound wonderful, but I do not know if we will get to many or any of them. Still, I am open to any and all suggestions or advice on the topic. The last I heard, we will be staying at The Standard Hotel, and I am not quite sure what to think about that. If you are bored and curious, you can google about for some information on that establishment, and then perhaps understand what I mean.

However, I do think it is probably a good idea that we are getting away for a few days. Last week was not our favorite. There really was not much to mention, but it was exhausting, and a temporary change of scenery might be helpful. I could also go for some different weather. It has been in the upper nineties again here along with poor air quality. The defoliant gets me, and I sure am glad they use less of it on the cotton than they did a few years ago.

Well, packing time will be here before I know it, and I have not even begun to think about travel knitting, and as I try to think about it, nothing comes to mind. I may need some help.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

UM...Seeing Red

RedMedallionLaceYep, I am working with more of the Knit Picks Shadow in Hot Rod Heather. I do believe this is the last of it. It is too bad that they discontinued the colorway, as it is very nice. It is another gift for another friend, and the lace is flowing nicely.

Working from Knitting Lace Triangles often helps to spark the delusion that I could be designing my own lace pieces, but usually some other pattern grabs my attention before I do anything about the idea. I am working this piece with the Medallion Lace chart from the book, and it has a nice rhythm.

Gangs :: Up On
Contact :: Lens
Surprisingly :: Easy
Penciled :: In
Ignore :: Everyone
Let’s go! :: Krogering
Cornerstone :: Foundation
Influential :: Music
Holistic :: Alternative
Lovesick :: Puppy

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


My niece, Katie, has been asking about knitting lately. Saturday evening, she wanted to give it a try. She refers to it as "practicing knitting." As with all other nieces and nephews wanting to learn to knit, she went into the adventure sure that she already knew how to do it. Perhaps it is because they have all spent hours in close proximity to my while I knit, or maybe it is just wool-fume-intoxication, but they all firmly believe that they can pick up the sticks and strings and go.

Well, we kept at it long enough for her hands to get tired, and then set it aside. My hands and arms were tired, too. We tried her hands over mine, mine over hers, team knitting, and solo. I do not know if she ever completed a single stitch on her own, but the blanket we were knitting for a little toy is nearly finished. When she left that night, she looked up at me with those blue eyes and said, "Aunt Sarah, maybe if you practice knitting more, you can finish my blanket." Maybe she will keep knitting, and maybe she will just ask me to knit things for her. I just do not know. However, she did say that she would like to knit a hat for the toy, next.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bright Enough for You?

As I had been feeling the need for some colorwork, and Helen let me know of a need for mittens, I did not need more prodding to cast on for this pair. I chose bright colors and a fun pattern (pattern six, for those of you wondering--creative names, yes?) from Mostly Mittens by Charlene Schurch. I found my rhythm quickly and was soon through the thumb gusset on the first mitten. Then, I lost the love. I began to think that the mitten was too large. I wanted to be able to contribute, but did not want to start over. My mind began to wander, and I thought about charity knitting; the importance of quality work that meets the needs of the group receiving the knits.

Then I began to think about Caps for a Cure. I have been knitting along
BigOrangeHHRwith them for a few years, and do a little bit of moderating work on the Yahoo list. We really do have a great group. We change centers every two to three months. Each round is sponsored by a member who has personal contact with the treatment center, assuring that the caps are going where they are needed and wanted, and learning about any special requests or requirements. For example, some places love the fun fur hats and cannot get enough of them. Other centers note that caps made in the colors of local sports teams are particularly popular. This orange Hermione Hearts Ron cap was perfect for our last round, which went to the University of Tennessee.

Anyway, I knew that the mittens were nice, and I decided to keep knitting them. If they were not the right size for this donation drive, I would figure out what to do with them later. I thought about a relative who has tiny, cold hands, long winters, and could do with something bright in her life, so that was a possibility. When I finished the first mitten and I still was not sure, I looked for a volunteer. I used both a niece and a nephew to check for sizing, and it turns out that I was wrong. The fit was
good, so I did not delay in casting on for the second.BrightMittens

They are a cute pair of mittens, are very warm, and might be bright enough so that neither one goes missing.BrightMittensInsideOutside

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lighten Up

There is a time for sitting with unhappy feelings and thoughts as we acknowledge reality and process. However, after a while, it changes, and we are just sifting through rotting garbage. This Tuesday, we are all about lightening the mood.
1. Realize that the heavy mood is becoming too much and unhelpful.
2. Watch Cartoons: Animated silliness helps you shake off a case of super-seriousness
3. Video Games: Whether you are solving a puzzle, swinging the Wii-mote, or racing your car, focusing your concentration on a game for a bit is a great way to switch gears.
4. Soap Operas: The combination of ultra-seriousness and absurdity is agreat way to finish flushing out feelings of drama and revenge.
5. Sing: Pick something light, bright, and joyful, and sing it loudly.
6. Move: Take a walk, dance, or exercise to shake out the tension stored in your body, and your mind and heart will take the hint.
7. Bake/Cook: Whether making something for ourselves or to share, a special yummy brightens the day.
8. Sunshine: Get out and let some of that natural light do what it does for us.
9. Snuggle: Find that special someone and be close.
10. Laugh: Whether we find something to tickle the funny bone or just let loose because we could see how ridiculous we had become, laughter gets the good brain chemistry going.

Meanwhile, the needles are clicking along with the baby knits and hopes of being in the zone enough to crank out a few more.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

UM...See Previous Photo

The mitten survived, and the only knitting left on it is the thumb. I started its mate, and have made it to the same point as I was with the first when you saw it last.

The time is here for me to make some decisions about baby knitting. Amongst family and friends, I think there are four babies almost ready for life on the outs, and not all of them are getting handknits from me. Then again, sometimes I get going with the baby knits, and I just want to knit more of them, and some days I think a trip to Babies 'r' Us might be fatal for me, and everyone at that store has enough going on without me dying there.

Leads :: Me to believe
Concierge :: Service
Thousand :: Points of light
Engines :: Roaring
Argument :: Starter
2006 :: Summer Spin-Off
Knot :: Tie
Fuck :: Me
Handsome :: Devil
Ridge :: Crest

Friday, August 20, 2010

Not Feeling It

The head of the puppet benefited from a rip and re-knit. Now it sits and waits. I am just not feeling it, and for finishing work on projects likes these, concentration and desire are requirements. They take much fiddling and fussing, and are totally worth the effort, but when the heart is not in it, setting the piece aside is best.BrightMittenProgress

Since it was a no-go with Sini, I began a pair of mittens. I chose bright colors, and a fun, yet not terribly complicated pattern. I made it through the cuff, completed the thumb gusset plus a bit more, and now I feel like ripping out everything and tossing it back in the stash. Since I know the mitten looks fine, and that part of it is that I am off my game, I have not done anything just yet. However, it only has another day or so to go, as I do not want another thing to linger on the needles just waiting.

The upside of the meh has yet to reveal itself. Perhaps I will catch up on household chores, or maybe I will exercise more. Either of those would be fabulous. I could possibly finish reading a book or two, and that would be good, too. Ah, the options spread out before me in waves, or perhaps that is just sleepiness finally settling in on me.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

UM...Check for Ear-rata

It is either time to knit the ears for my puppet, or I need to rip back and redo its head. It can be difficult to tell if it is right before blocking and stuffing. Either way, I am glad that I realized that the ear portion of the pattern in my copy of Spin Off is incomplete. The correct information is here. However, for now, none of it matters much, as a torn fingernail means knitting and spinning are temporarily on hold.

Rhythm :: Nation
Baby :: Cakes
Sanctimonious :: Hypocrite
I like :: Big Butts
Constipated :: Politician
Sleep late :: Everyday
Over easy :: Heh-heh
Erratic :: Driving
Umbrella :: Policy
You don’t :: Say

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Like Watching Wool Dry

Yeah, that about sums up the excitement level and what I am doing right now. Beach Glass is blocking, but it should not take long before I can get it in the mail. Well, there is my track record of not getting packages off to where they ought to go in the timeliest fashion, but since there is no deadline or expectation of the arrival of either, I think I will be fine. Oh, and speaking of that, I received a piece of mail the other day. All that was recognizable was my return address label and the uncanceled stamp. It had gotten wet, and the mailing address washed away. It was a birthday card for a friend. To add insult to injury, it would have been on time, and I rarely ever accomplish that.

Ah, but I am getting off track a bit, or am I? Did I have a point? Oh, I did have a list for Ten on Tuesday, but I had read the topic incorrectly, and had Ten Reasons to Not Love Bacon. Once I realized my error, I had lost any enthusiasm for making a new post, but was hungry for bacon, and feeling bad about myself.

SiniProgressSince I like all of the Estonian Hand Puppet patterns, I decided to go with the most popular, and I am working round and round on Sini. The colorwork pattern is easy to remember, and making my way through the rounds seems faster than what my progress shows. I have begun thinking about making more of these, as they are so cute. A plan to spin and knit one out of alpaca amuses me, but I do know that I can sometimes be amused easily.

Monday, August 09, 2010


ShetlandThreePlyDarkLightNew yarns are here! While I have not fallen off the wagon, I have recently felt strong urges to buy more yarn, but that might be a story for another day. The spinning of these began during the Tour de Fleece, but I needed to give my hands a rest, so there was a break between the two. I had been enjoying the spinning so much, it was a bit of a challenge to wait, but it was for the best. I spun the lighter first, and just finished the darker yesterday. Spinning three-ply yarns seemed like the obvious choice, and I do like my results. Now all that remains is choosing which to knit. So, what do you think, will it be Kriimu, Kirju, Pilve, or Sini?

Coma :: Irreversible
Aristotle :: Onassis
Pink eye :: You don't want to know
Expensive :: Mistake
Dancer :: Phoenix
Lipstick :: Collar
Buffer :: Zone
Stilettos :: Stabs
Booming :: Bass
Rap :: Murder

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Growing and Shrinking

It hardly seems that I can be over 67% finished with knitting this Beach Glass Shawl, but according to Rose-Kim Knits' wonderful Shawl Progress Calculator, I am. It took me a bit to begin the shawl. I just could not cast on all 388 stitches at once, so I would add in increments of 50, place a marker, set it aside, spin, and repeat. The upside of doing it that way was that I took breaks from the wheel, I completed the cast on without losing noticeable amounts of sanity, and there was less counting involved when I needed to add the center marker for the shawl.
There are still enough stitches in each row to keep them from being spread out all the way on the needle, but the rows are noticeably shorter for me. I love the rhythm of this lace as its waves grow in a comforting rhythm. Knitting it is such a joy, made greater as I think of the friend who will receive it.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Yay, Vacay!

So, this week's Ten on Tuesday topic is: Ten Things to Bring on Vacation. A book, iPod, camera, and knitting popped into my head immediately. Then, I mulled it over some more and thought about different ways to approach the topic. I could not settle on just one, so I present you with three vacation-packing scenarios.

Instant Coffee
Sleeping Bags
List of places with free admission
Paper GPS (map)
Loyalty Card for discounts and freebies

The Unlikely:
Cruise Tickets
Resort Reservation Confirmation
Fancy Clothes
Sea/Snow/Hiking Gear
Personal Assistant/Sherpa/Staff

and finally,

Prepared for Troubles:
Pain Medication
Allergy Medication
Hand Sanitizer
Bottled Water
First Aid Kit
Bail Fund

Friday, July 30, 2010

Buh-Bye, July!

Here we are again, another month drawing to a close, and what a month it has been. In some ways, it seems like it has flown by, but with how much has happened, July 1 feels ages ago. We had the wonderful visit with grandparents and the weird Tour de Fleece. Las Vegas was filled with amazing experiences crammed into just a few days, and perhaps it was more than the flying that left my head swimming.
My mom's dog venture has entered a new phase. Construction began on the dogs' new home, and Poppy had two puppies.

WhisperedRainbowInspiration from Nora's Citron had me digging through the stash to find a missing ball of yarn to knit one of my own. I love my new shawl, and wish I could photograph it better to show it to you all. Knitting it was a perfect companion for this month, as it did not require too much attention, and the cobweb weight yarn I used (Jojoland Harmony) kept it compact for on the go knitting, and light enough so that it was comfortable to knit in the hot weather.

Speaking of the hot weather, I have been amazed at how little it has bothered me. Don't get me wrong, I do dislike the heat, but it has not hurt me the way it usually does. I was surprised by how well I held up in Vegas, even when the thermometer read 116F. Somehow, in my mind, it is nearly Fall, and time to start cold weather knits. Perhaps it is my weird working for me for now, but whatever it is, I am grateful that I am holding up so well with the hot.

We definitely have begun thinking about when it really will be almost Fall, as it is time for working out the details for probable travels in September. It will be another new-to-me experience. It looks like we will be in NYC for a few days, and we are on the verge of information overload trying to decide what we will do in the time we are there.

Whatever happens next, I have plenty of knitting and spinning to keep me company.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Instead of TV

This week, Carole asks us to write about things to do instead of watching television. Of course, many of these things can be done while the tv is going, and I am writing this list while watching a show. Still, we increase the quality of the experience of most any activity when it is the sole focus.

Bubble Bath
Card/Board Games
Deep, Meaningful Conversation

Monday, July 26, 2010

Anniversary Yarn

The 2010 Tour de Fleece has come to an end. Around the world, lint rollers are cleaning up the stray bits of fluff, and new skeins of handspun wonder whether they will become something else, or if they will continue to be valued because they are yarn.

The TdF was different this year, but I still had fun. I was a bit disappointed that it became necessary to change the way they awarded the daily prizes, but completely understand why they made the decision. I really enjoyed going through the threads and voting last year. Still, I do not think that is really what made it so odd this time, and the prizes, while very nice and generous, are beside the point. July is usually a bit of a weird(er) month for me every year.

So, what all did I make during the Tour? I spun some of the pink wool that I got earlier this month. I spun a bit of Shetland wool, and that was very nice. There is still more to come from both of those. However, a different spinning experience was star of the Tour for me. It was the one goal I set for myself, and it was a challenge, but I finished with the fiber I received for my anniversary last year.

Because it was a gift from Bruce, that made it special, and that is why I decided to take my time with it on a spindle. I did not expect to take this long, but I have many memories to go along with my new yarn. During last year's TdF, it came with us to the hospital for the isolation room experience. This year, it came along on our Vegas adventure, and I got to spin it atop the Hoover Dam. It shared plain, quiet moments, too.

When I finished with the singles, I had to decide whether I wanted to ply on the spindle or a wheel. Kiwi won, and she was right. Fitting it all back on Little Si would have probably been too much. Anyway, I loved plying. It would seem that all of the plying mojo is vacationing here. I kept watching The Gentle Art of Plying, and it is wonderful and inspiring. After that, it was time to skein, wash, dry, and re-skein, and sitting back and enjoying my new yarn. I wonder what it will become.

686 yards

24 wpi
114.2 grams/4.03 ounces

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tour Dam Tour

WeAreHereTouring the Hoover Dam topped the list of must-do things for Bruce while we were in Las Vegas. It was a fascinating and educational adventure, but I wanted to do more with the experience. I put my drop spindle, fiber, and a yellow shirt in a bag, and hoped everything would work out something close to what I envisioned.

When I was warming up (for the spindling, that is) in line inside waiting for the guided tour to begin, I believe some people tried to sneak pictures, others stared, but there were few questions. A curious adult prodded a child to ask me about what I was doing. It seems that once most people learn what I am doing, they experience and odd combination of disappointed, bored, and confused. Bruce, however, ever enthusiastic and supportive, urged me to give more details than most people ever wanted to hear. By the time he is trying to get me to describe the Tour de Fleece, they are beginning to look for the nearest exit.

Anyway, none of that matters, as my purpose was to entertain and amuse myself, and that I did.