Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fall is Fabulous

I love the weather we have been having lately. Cooking and baking are much more pleasant now that they do not make it so hot in the house. I have a few loaves of bread in either the oven or cooling. I am also getting ready to bake a coconut cake for a party this weekend.

The cooler temperatures also make me want to knit sweaters. It is good that I am not fast at knitting a sweater, as I do not really need too many, but I have quite enjoyed looking at patterns lately. I think I might knit Salt Peanuts in grey. I think I have enough of a yarn that will work in the stash, so that makes it something of a front-runner. Then again, Helen gave me this lovely magazine, and among the many lovely patterns inside, the cardigan on the cover really calls to me. Of course, I am smitten by the Exclusive Orenburg Shawl, but for some reason could not convince any of my friends that it should be the next knitalong. Then again, I might need a moment before tackling that 50"x98" triangular shawl, but back to the cover cardi. I actually think I might have a good yarn in the stash for it, too, so we shall see what I do.

By the way, do you see the bit of red laceweight yarn lying on the magazine? That is what was left after binding-off the Medallion Lace Shawl. Someday, I will perhaps have more stories of the red, lace yarn of abundance, but for now, I have blocking, photos, and mailing to do. Yes, we all know how spectacular I am at that last one.
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