Wednesday, October 13, 2010

UM...Swatching Saves?

Well, I hope it does. I was desperate, and despite hitting more record highs, (though the rumors are for cooler temperatures soon) I have started swatching for Salt Peanuts. I needed to find something new to knit, and I was in a hurry. I had made the mistake of knitting a couple of rounds on a long-hibernating sock, and it nearly stole my will to live.

Anyway, although the cardi from Verena is prettier, I feel more like knitting something a bit plainer and looser fitting. As for the sock, I will return to it soon, and it knows the score--grow or go.

Intruder :: Bedroom
Repelled :: Attracted
Trench coat :: Flasher
Lipstick :: Stain
Humongous :: Ginormous
Oven mitts :: Burnt
Case :: Champagne
Daughter :: Mother
Attorney :: At Law
Shaken :: Stirred

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