Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Proof of Spinning

Well, it just did not work for me to make it up to the little fiber event in Tennessee over the weekend. It was a two-steps forward, three-steps back situation, and while I was a bit disappointed, not going was the right choice. Besides, I might have wanted to pick up a little bit more fiber, and I already have quite a bit here. Just thinking of what awaits me in the stash is more than enough to keep me happy at the wheel.

I finally finished spinning the pink singles I began during the Tour de Fleece. I tried something a little bit different with these. I did not completely spin one bobbin of singles and then the second. Instead, I alternated between the two. This was a tip from the dvd, The Gentle Art of Plying. We will see whether I notice a difference. I think this is going to become a lace scarf, but I will wait to decide until after I see what kind of yarn I have when it is finished. So far, I am really pleased with the results, as it seems softer, squishier, and sproingier than anything I have ever spun before. It is still in the process of drying, and I only gave a half-hearted attempt at guessing yardage. I think I might have somewhere between 750-850 yards, but I will definitely do a re-check before picking a pattern.


Next up on the wheel was a fail. Everything about that wool was a battle, so I stopped and looked for something else. There was a small adventure with silk, but the skin on my hands was not right for it. Time spent in the wash water for the pink yarn saw to that. Then I grabbed some lovely alpaca, and then I divided the fiber for a three-ply yarn. Kiwi is loving the different oil I used when I changed the bobbin and pulley, and I think I am liking the yarn I am creating.

I would get back to the wheel now, but my Salt Peanuts cardigan is in need of attention. I noticed something was not right, and had to frog a bit. I have checked the errata, and am back on track. I would be more irritated that there were mistakes in the pattern, but I am just enjoying the knitting of this sweater too much.
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