Friday, October 01, 2010

UM...Fingerless Friday, Now with More Random

PinkSerpentineMittsProgressI brought these Serpentine Mitts out of hibernation for travel knitting. It worked out well, and steered my mind toward portable knitting. They have been nice to keep with me to work on while we have been out-and-about on errands and in waiting rooms. Their small size and ease of working on while on the go almost makes me want to knit socks again--almost. I have been able to work on these mitts a bit more, and I only have one more thumb to knit before I have a finished pair.

FarFetchedHowever, before finishing those, I decided to begin some others. I used Fetching as a starting point, and ended up with these. If I knit them again, I will make 2-4 fewer increases on the thumb gusset. Still, I like the pair, and they stretch and snuggle most any size hands.

We have been doing some home maintenance and improvement. Last night was painting, and it required having the door open for a bit. This let a few mosquitoes in for us to swat and squish. More got in than I had figured, as I discovered over two dozen bites on my feet when I was getting ready this morning. That was a bit of a puzzler, but I spent more time thinking about the odd dream I had just had.

It was a bizarre one that had many celebrities. I cannot remember most of them, but eventually I ended up in a yarn store where the yarn was 50% off, but the prices were already too high, so the discount only brought things down to a few cents below what most stores charge. Anyway, Bill Murray was working there, by the Cascade 220 if I recall correctly. I sat down on one of those stability balls across the display from him, and he is going on with some anecdote. I could not tell whether he was eventually going to try to talk me into or out of buying yarn when the alarm clock sounded, and I was awake and the dream was over.

After reading about my dream, you would probably feel cheated if I did not share my Unconscious Mutterings for the week, so here they are.

Return :: To Sender
Alarms :: Ringing
State :: Your Business
Picture frame :: Crooked
Wreath :: Holly
Arrest :: Punishment
Sincere :: Apology
Nathan :: Cousin
Bag :: Fake
Arched :: Enemy
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