Sunday, December 24, 2017

Now, with Music (volume up!)

So, have you been listening to any Christmas music?  I have, and that's what brought on this idea.  The whole thing is a bit horrible, in that, part of it has helped reinforce buying weird things on clearance and keeping them forever (well, and also the fact that I am not good at this, but, whatever).  You see, I found these little bells that I had bought years ago for a few cents in the clearance bin.  Anyway, I heard a song, and soon I had a plan.  I don't think I have a future with stop-motion animation, but I still think this kind of works.  So, here you go; turn on the sound.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tiny Knits Away

Since some far-away-family continues to have a hospital adventure, I wanted to send a little Christmas cheer through knitting.  It wasn't hard to find some Christmas-themed patterns from Mochimochiland.  Narrowing down the selection to a manageable few was, especially knowing the (often bigger) challenge of getting them in the post was yet to come.  However, I managed to just start knitting and that helped with the decisions.  First up--Christmas trees--one for the hospital and one for the house.  Then I knit a snowman, but it had to wait a bit for its embellishments.  After that, it was time to try something new--the Special Little Snowflakes (currently free with any $5 purchase) pattern.  After that, it was just time for photos and the post office.  Pro tip:  The photo session is extra challenging when the tiny knits are all so close together and they all have strong magnets inside them.  As it turns out, the post office was the easiest part of this.  I know, right?     
SpecialSnowflakeTwoTreesSnowman Now they're all on their way, and I can only hope they help to brighten the days!       

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Tree Up

Yesterday was Mom's birthday, so I put up the Christmas tree.  I'll probably add to it this month.  There are some new pieces already this year, as well as some missing ones that I've given away since last year.  That's how it always goes.  

In keeping with the theme of things going the same way as usual, I just received confirmation that a package I mailed arrived.  Yeah, I boxed up and addressed that knitted Thanksgiving meal and it went on our North Carolina adventure and I didn't get it out in the post until this week.  I'm terrible and I know it.  Anyway, I'm told it will make it's next journey to the hospital tomorrow.  I think I'll knit a Christmas tree next and maybe I'll even get it there in time.  I won't box it up the same way as the last package, so that should help.

Saturday, December 02, 2017


NaBloPoMo was fun, and I made it. Not posting yesterday was both weird and nice, but I'm back. How will it go after this? Eh, does it even matter? Anyway, I'm still going, might have some spinning to show soon, and one day (not soon) I will finish the sweater. For tonight, it's that time again--take a peek.
  1. Run out :: Now
  2. Whisperer :: Crazy
  3. Collide :: Worlds
  4. Worth :: Less
  5. Fuck :: Me
  6. Mild :: Mannered
  7. Chapped :: Lips
  8. Hope :: Eternal
  9. Itch :: Scratch
  10. Face :: Off

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Not Even Close

Of all the unsurprising things to happen this month, the "dnf" status on my NaKniSweMo cardigan is least surprising.  But, hey, this isn't actually a race.  I can still knit the sweater.  It's not as though my yarn, needles, and pattern disappear at midnight.  Still, it is a little disappointing to have only completed 44 rows.  Yes, the rows before the increases.  Oh, well.
While I might currently lack the objectivity to assess what I have accomplished, I do know it has been a very full month.  I'm plugging away at the laundry from our travels and trying to get ready for next month.  December is nearly here, and it is never empty.    

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


As you know, we sometimes have to go to the doctor all the way down in the 'ham, and that's a bit of a drive.  So, when an appointment is scheduled at the right time and we feel up to it, we like to visit Trader Joe's.  It's not a store we have locally, so it is a fun treat.

Now, truth be told, we mostly pick up junk food, so it's probably a good thing we aren't any closer and don't shop there more often.  It's not all we buy there, but it truly is the bulk of it.  At least we finally stopped buying a bottle of wine every time, because we don't drink, and we don't have much occasion to give a bottle to someone.  That being said, that hasn't always stopped us.  We're weird, and we know it.

Some of our favorites are seasonal items.  We're mental for that saltwater taffy.  One of our nephews loves the firecracker bar (chocolate with something like pop rocks and spiciness) so much.  That's another thing we like about going there; we can bring things back to others that they can't get otherwise.  My mom has never been a tea fan, but she would like to drink tea.  I made her some white ginger pear that she liked, so we brought back a box just for her. 

Anyway, on our last trip, we apparently went on just the right day, because the Advent Calendars had arrived.  We picked up a pile for nieces and nephews, and now we can finally give them to the little ones.  Here's hoping they make the countdown to Christmas more fun.  



Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Be It Ever So Humble

There really is no place like home, and it is good to be here.  We've unloaded the car, but unpacking will have to wait for tomorrow.  For now, I'm sipping some tea with honey, and then it's shower and bed.