Monday, September 02, 2019

The Road to the Urgent Care is Paved with Good Intentions

We started our Labor Day morning with the best of intentions.  We were going to do a little bit of yard work before the heat made it unsafe work outside.  However, not too long after beginning the weed-eating, my foot found the perfect little uneven dip, and down I went.  I twisted my ankle, I don't have a good story for the injury, and I didn't finish my chores.  So, now I've got a boot (a big boot, as they only had small and large sizes) to support me as I heal.  There doesn't appear to be a break, so that's good.  

I know that there is no good time to have an injury like this, but it is especially inconvenient right now.  I kind of take care of a lot, and I'm not sure how I am going to do what I need to do.  But, as is made plain to me on a regular basis, I am not in control of everything.  I will make the best of this, and figure things out as best as possible.

While I sit here with my leg propped up, maybe I will knit a little. 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

For the Throne

The final season is finally here, and I'm ready for it.  I bought the special edition Oreo cookies for us to eat while we watch the premiere.  I've re-watched all the episodes in preparation.  I even convinced others to re-watch some of them with me so they could better remember what has happened in previous seasons.  I stitched some sigils along the way.  I even tried my hand at stitching on a t-shirt, so there's my viewing outfit ready, too.  
I do feel a bit of sadness that the series is ending, but there you go.  I can use my dishtowel sigil sampler as a giant handkerchief to soak up my tears over all the deaths and the end of the show.  After it's all done, I'll just go back and re-read the first five books while waiting for The Winds of Winter.  Besides, I still have sigils to stitch.   

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Chicken Dinner on Fire

That's right--I'm the Winner-Winner-Chicken-Dinner of a Kindle Fire.  I'm still snuggling up with it to find all the ways to have fun with it.  

Are you sad that you missed supporting Stacey?  Well, it's not too late.  You can donate to Stacey's MS fundraiser.  That's right, not only did she do the Walk MS, she is also doing the Bike MS next month.  Oh, and every $20 you donate gets you a chance at winning a Fitbit Versa.       

Still looking for ways to help?  Do you shop on Amazon?  You can do good there, too.  Change your bookmark to and you can choose a charity to benefit from your purchases, and yes, the National MS Society is one you can select.       

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Previously, on...

Remember that little sweater I knit?  Of course, you do.  All that I knit, document, and write here on the blog is of endless interest to you and completely unforgettable.  

Anyway, when I first spotted the pattern's incorrect chart, I popped on over to Ravelry.  I checked to see other projects, and one noted that the chart was wrong.  I wrote to that Raveler, but, alas, that knitter did not have a corrected chart for me.  

I also wrote to Knit Picks.  I received a quick response, that yes, the chart is wrong, along with a promise for corrections when the design team fixed it.  

In the meantime, I started to work on the problem myself, and as you saw, I solved it.  So, I took some pictures, and I wrote back to Knit Picks.  In that note, I wrote something to the effect that they could go as wild or mild as they wanted to with the sampler of Palette that they would send to me for my help.  And you know what?  They did, and they even complimented my suggestion of sending me yarn.     

Being appreciated and acknowledged rocks! 

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Happy Groundhog Day!

Has your Groundhog Day been great?  I hope so.  It has been pretty good here.  I made it outside and enjoyed some beautiful weather.  Bits of green are poking their way through the dirt, teasing at the possibility of flowers arriving soon-ish.  I even managed to knit a bit.  

Little, by little, I'm getting the sweater to the point I want it to be by Monday night, but even if I don't get it there by then, it will be alright.  It would just be nice to have it joined below the armpits for a very long Tuesday. 

Friday, February 01, 2019

It Doesn't Repeat Itself, But it Kinda Rhymes

I get ideas.  It's probably for the best that some of my sparks of inspiration extinguish themselves as quickly as they ignite.  Occasionally, however, I see some of them through.  In this instance, I only saw part of it through, (although the other parts are more tangential, and certainly don't matter for the rest of this story) and past the deadline, of course.  

Last year, I purchased a pattern collection with some birthday money.  Not that I disliked the rest of the book, in fact, after flipping through, I can see myself knitting several of them, but I really only bought it for three of something like thirty patterns.  Anyway, at first glance, I thought one of the patterns resembled a scaled-down, miniaturized, simplified version of a sweater a friend had knit for herself.  There you are, millions of miles away through all of those tubes of the internet, and you see where this is going.  You know me a little bit, and you know if I see something like this, I will feel compelled to knit this for my friend.  

I cast on, and slowly, I made progress.  Why so slowly, you wonder?  Well, I quickly spotted a problem with the pattern, and I didn't want to have to fix it.  The closer I got to the error-riddled section, the more I slowed, and the less I worked on it.  I occasionally looked at the clearly wrong colorwork chart and tried to figure out how to fix it.  I thought I had an answer.  The chart is worked over twenty-four stitches for thirteen rows.  It looked as though it should have been worked from stitches thirteen through twenty-four and then one through twelve.  It made me tired just thinking about it.  To compound this, I ought to mention that for this section, you are working back-and-forth instead of in the round, so odd rows of the chart are read right-to-left and even rows left-to-right.  I think it is accurate to say that working this chart in this manner while trying to compensate for these errors is probably a greater burden than I should place on my will to live.  So, I copied the chart, cut it up the middle, and made the first half the new second half.  You know what?  Yep, it wasn't right, either.  At this point, I already had the chart copied, cut out, and cut in half, so I tried something else.  I made the first half of the chart the second half, but I rotated it 180 degrees, and it worked.  I don't know how they made the error that they did in putting together this pattern, but there you go.  

While I knew that I would not make my self-imposed deadline, I moved on with the knitting and thought of my friend.  When she knit her sweater, that pattern had many problems, too.  She worked through them, and the sweater looked great, but I'm pretty sure the pattern remains on her "Would Not Recommend" list.  I composed the note to accompany this many times in my head while I knit.  I shouldn't do that.  It so often paralyzes me as I try to find the right words, and by the time I to put pen to paper, my note has morphed into inky awkwardness, something I will feel embarrassed about whenever I think about it over the years.      

So, while it isn't exactly a miniaturized replica of the original, people-sized version of the sweater, it kinda rhymes.   

In a surprise move, I went ahead and mailed this off instead of waiting until the end of the year.  I know, shocker, eh?  Hey, I had to try to do something as right as I could this year.  Speaking of, how is your year thus far?    

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Put Them to the Test

I wove these a while back.  They've just been waiting to be hemmed.  I could probably ctrl-c, ctrl-v those first two sentences into my draft folder and use them over and over again because I am terrible about getting to the hemming.  I could try to build up excuses for me by saying that I had to buy matching thread, but it's not much of an excuse.  If I did offer that up, I would immediately have to follow up with the fact that I bought the thread in October, and I just got around to hemming these recently.  

Anyway, these are new washcloths.  I was inspired to weave them after the linen facecloth WAL over on Yarnworker.  Yes, that was a while ago.  The yarn is Red Heart Scrubby Cotton.  I'm not too proud to admit it.  The weaving went well.  They washed up fine.  I had a little trouble hemming them.  Some of that was due to the fabric, but mostly it was due to me.  I improved as I kept going with it, so the last hem is better than the first, and I'm OK with that.  

Now it is time to put them through their paces and see how they hold up to use.  I have hopes--not high hopes, but just hopes.  I like making things we can use, and it would be nice to make a new pile of washcloths, but I won't weave any more of these until I see how this batch wears.