Monday, October 18, 2010

When the Time is Right, Right?

It seems that I think about it at all the wrong times. When the heat of the summer seems like it will never end and I am longing for Fall, it creeps into my mind, but the idea of that growing fabric of stranded wool covering me pushes it away almost as quickly as it entered, and it stays away for a while. When I think about it in the middle of winter, it feels ridiculous to knit it, as the next occasion to wear it is so far away. Then there are times like now, when it would be quite natural to be knitting it, if it were not so close to the big day and finishing it in time is more pressure than I want, and even if that were not the case, it is an unrealistic timetable for completion.


However, what might be more ridiculous than any of these, is having the yarn and pattern and just letting it sit. That makes me want to form a plan. I considered just casting on now, but I worry that pressure to finish before the end of the month might take away some of the enjoyment, and it might mess up my tension, and that is even more trouble on a stranded project. The next logical time (in my mind, at least) to cast on would be Groundhog Day. That idea really appeals to me. You know how I like to celebrate Groundhog Day in the biggest way I can, although my options are usually quite limited. Still, that is months away, life is short, and I forget things.

Then, I began to think about other events coming soon, and whether I would participate. NaBloPoMo will be here before we know it, and along with it is NaKniSweMo. While I do not really feel like the former, this could be excellent for the latter. While not a complete sweater, I think all that is involved qualifies it. Besides, I really do not think the innerwebs knitting police are interested in what I am doing.
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