Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Did They Know It's Called Baby Lace?

My mom went to make bottles for the babies and came back to find them celebrating joyously.  Victory was theirs; they had found a hidden prize and their determination and efforts had finally paid off.  They were waving their quarry in the air, cheering and poking their little fingers through the lace.  It's a good thing I love them so much.  Now I just have to figure out if and how I can repair the damage.  Yes, there are nupps, yes, there are many broken ends in the yarn, and only a couple of the marked areas are pulled stitches.  

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Oh, Honey!

Well, it may not be particularly original, but I love my new Honey Cowl.  It came off the needles, went onto my neck, and has spent most of its time there.  I'm ready to call my first attempt at knitting from unspun silk a success, and I have something useful to show for my efforts.  The experience of knitting this was good, and now that I have some experience with it, I would be confident to work with unspun silk away from home.  I would still keep the process of peeling and stretching to make the yarn as a home activity, though.