Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Guidance from the Groundhog

Happy Groundhog Day!  Yeah, so that was yesterday, but considering how far out of everything I have been, one day late is practically early around here.  Anyway, my enjoyment of Groundhog Day is ignored tolerated legendary, and people look to The Groundhog and the stars for predictions of the future, so it seems like the time is right to show this.  

Yep, I completed my Celestarium, and it is wonderful.  I finished it last month, and then let it stay pinned out for a few days just to admire it.  I haven't managed to get better pictures of it, but I am mostly ok with that.  I have covered up with it, paraded around the house in it, and pulled it up over my head and snuggled up under it.  Now that it is done, I occasionally think about knitting Southern Skies or Equatorial Nights.  Maybe I will, but not today.  

So, as we look to the stars and The Groundhog, do we have any answers?  I kind of doubt it.  Do I have any predictions?  Nah.  I might have a few guesses, but certainty is not really happening here right now.  Maybe I will ease into things with a few posts sharing a bit about what I have done over the last few months.  I will probably pop in with some comments here and there.  I will knit.