Monday, June 26, 2017

Found it in the Couch Cushions

I love Anna Hrachovec's patterns and books.  I have knit so many of her tiny creations.  They are some of my favorite things to knit for so many reasons.  They are cute, relatively quick, and more than once, knitting them has been therapeutic.  I have knit some of her medium size patterns like Zaru and Boo, but mostly I come back to the tiny patterns.  When I finally got around to buying Knitting Mochimochi, I thought the first thing I would knit would be Pigs With Wigs.  I even bought a bunch of pink yarn.  Then I didn't knit any pigs, started knitting a Grouchy Couch, set it aside, turned all of the pink yarn into Pussy Hats, bits of life sprinkled throughout, and then my knitting mojo wandered off for a bit.  Sometimes when my knitting mojo disappears and I cannot find it, I pick up an abandoned project and try to finish it.  That's what I did this time.  I picked up the Grouchy Couch and worked on it.  Perhaps the fact that I omitted the colorwork contributed to the fact that for me, the pieces were not particularly exciting to knit, but whatever the reason, it did not matter that as returned to knitting I wasn't really feeling it.  I just kept chugging along, and soon I had a bunch of pieces to stuff and seam.  Then I grabbed the Love Monster that Cookie made for me and placed it on the couch, snuggling it under an old swatch that became its blanket.  Then I knit a Baby Gator, some donuts, cheeseburgers, and gnomes, and more.  Throughout it all, life kept on doing its thing, and knitting found its way into it, becoming a part of it again for me.