Thursday, June 30, 2022

"Knit on, with Confidence and Hope, Through All Crises"

Well, I stumbled a bit with the confidence, remembered that hope is a discipline, and lately, we've all had plenty of crises.  It's been quite a month, hasn't it?  Not for the first, nor probably for the last, in difficult times, I turn to knitting.  Here you see my poorly photographed Pride 2022 knitting.  Not only did I knit on with hope, but I knit on with love, and I knit on for love.  

Thirty-Seven small, handknit hearts knit for Pride Month with hearts representing Pride Flags including the traditional rainbow, Nonbinary, Transgender, Bisexual, and Lesbian.


Saturday, June 18, 2022

You Might Think

By the time I had the third Palette sampler box, I had amassed a great list of reasons for having all three.  Not the least amongst them would be that I would know exactly what each color looked like and when ordering new balls of Palette, I would order the correct one.  No more frustrations caused by the difference between the photo and its display on my screen not matching real life.  That makes sense, eh?  

Fast-forward (or rewind, depending on your perspective) to a Knit Picks gift certificate I received for my birthday.  When I finally got around to using it, I filled in the order with a few balls of Palette.  I knew I needed a ball of a plain orange.  Well, orange is not as simple a color as you might think.  I ordered Orange, but I should have ordered Cayenne.  

Two Knit Picks Palette sampler mini-skeins--one Orange, the other Cayenne

The Palette sampler as color card tool only works if you consult it.  Who knew?

That being said, when I do get out the mini skeins of the samplers, I have fun.  Just looking at all the colors is a joy.  There are so many colors that I don't have (outside of this collection) but that I could see buying full skeins of in the future, perhaps.  While I do have quite a few colors, it amazes me all the ones I don't have.  

Speaking of the colors I do and do not have, amazing isn't the right word to describe a recent experience.  I was playing with colors, trying to find the right ones, (pinks and oranges, if you were wondering--pinks and oranges if you weren't wondering) knitting from a bag filled with little balls of yarn I have wound off from the full skeins of Palette to knit little things.  Anyway, one of those pinks worked well, and when I had used it up, I went to the craft room for more of it, and could not find more.  Then I compared the scrap to the pinks in the sampler to figure out which it is.  It's Cosmopolitan, and that solved one mystery, and another mystery started.  

There was no main skein of Cosmopolitan in the stash.  I cannot recall ever knitting up a full skein of it, nor do I have any finished items composed of it.  Still, I must have had it, otherwise I couldn't have that small ball of it in the knitting bag.  I spent way too much time searching, but I don't have it.  The bin where it should be seems pretty full, but maybe there is a missing bag of pinks and purples that I failed to put away properly.  If so, I have a happy reunion in my future, eh?  In the end, it prompted me to wind off a couple yards from the sampler mini-skein to use now.  I mean, the mini-skeins aren't just for admiring, and once I did that, it freed me to do the same with a few other colors I wanted to try, and try I have.  I will try to remember that feeling, and not continually set things aside for the "right" "special" "perfect" time.      

Friday, June 03, 2022

Not Enough Orange Yarn

Spiral of seventeen small handknit orange hearts on a black background

Sometimes I turn to yarn and needles while I process thoughts and feelings.  Tiny heart after tiny heart.  So much loss.  So much grief.  Hate.  Fear.  Terror.