Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Don't Choose the Colors for Your Doorstop Chickens Before Closing

Yes, it is true; we are engaged in a quest for different housing.  I won't pretend that we are so unique and special to be the only people to ever do this and find the process a bit stressful.  That being said, we have had some adventures, and it has not even been three months.  

Three times so far we have encountered law enforcement pursuing/investigating on the same street where we were looking at a house.  Not only that, but at least three other times we have seen stories on the news of violent crimes on streets where we had been looking.  We try to keep our sense of humor about us, so if you need to borrow a cup of stabbing, well, just follow us.  Oh, but try not to follow too closely; we have already been rear-ended.    

We have been very close to purchasing a home more than once.  We have wondered sometimes whether some people really want to sell their houses. We have witnessed the power of photography in listings.  We have discovered that you can sell what you cannot give away.  We have seen some very nice houses in some very bad neighborhoods.  We have been fortunate to discover some things about potential neighbors that assured us that was not where we wanted to live.  Flying that flag, plastering your car with those bumper stickers, and the extension cords you have running to get electricity from empty homes?  Yeah, we probably should not be neighbors.  

We have also been through the gamut of emotions.  While there are many great things about a bigger place, it also feels weird to think that we would be more than about three steps away from each other.   We have lived here for about sixteen years, and I am feeling the anxiety of the change.  The move from being in a somewhat rural spot to living in the city will be a bit of a difference.  Although, really, we are probably talking about a less than twenty-mile move.  

Anyway, this process is likely to continue to keep me away, but I am trying to pop in to lurk here and there when I can.  I suppose there will be a spot of time when you will not be able to reach me as we do the actual moving and the transferring of services and all that, but I will try to keep you updated.  If things continue as they have been going, we really are much closer to really doing this than I can think about right now.