Friday, October 26, 2012

SAFF-ward Bound

Many times, we have talked about attending the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, but we never really got past talking about it.  A few things change, (and some things that don't) and we are planning a trip to North Carolina to attend SAFF.  My brain is swirling around quite a bit, and it does not really seem real, but this is actually happening, so I need to get my act together, and in a hurry.  Kiwi is already buckled in the car and ready to go.

I am going to take a class from Abby Franquemont.  It is called Spinning Faster, and this is the class description:
Do you wish you could make more yarn faster? This is the class for you! You'll learn several drafting methods and get personalized feedback on how you spin and where your bottlenecks are. You'll learn to get the most out of your wheel, how to set up for efficiency, how to measure your productive rate, and exercises to practice to improve your spinning speed.

It sounds like the right class for me.  Of course, I have never taken a spinning class before, so I am not really sure of anything.  Well, I do know that I am a slow spinner, (not really a problem) and I would like to be more efficient, because I put a lot into it, and I would really like my results to better reflect that.

There is so much more to do to prepare for the trip.  The laundry and regular packing were no big deal.  I even brought along handknit socks to wear because I really think we will have the weather for it, and if a fiber festival is not the place to wear handknit socks, I don't know what is.  

I have been planning my travel knitting, and am so optimistic about finishing my Color Affliction while I am gone that I am bringing my little sample of Soak (if I can find it).  Then it will probably be the knitting of little things, or maybe socks.  Of course, there is a baby blanket I need to work on, and it might be a good choice, but it is not the number one thing I want to do.  My Bauble shawl understands that its charts and traveling are not a great match.  Bauble wants undivided attention, I think.  Bauble has been talking about bead choices and may be plotting my demise.      

I will probably buy a few things, but I will have to see all that is there before I know more about what I might want.  Since I do not have a local weaving store, I might get a bit for the looms.  I especially look forward to seeing things in person and figuring out whom I want to order from in the future because I will not be able to buy absolutely everything I see and want.  I do understand that I would be doing a disservice to myself if I do not purchase some goat milk fudge, and Bruce always approves of fudge.    

No time to get a good pic of the yarn I finally finished, so you'll have to settle for one of a niece.     

Monday, October 22, 2012

Maybe I Should Stop Calling It Affliction

We have colds, and lost most of the weekend.  The whole thing is really just a bit of an annoyance, but occasionally, Bruce tells me that he thinks he will not survive.  While I generally approve of his being dramatic like that over a cold, I felt like the line belonged to me in reference to something else I did this weekend, but that is maybe a story for another day.  

So, there have been many naps, and too much time spent vacantly staring at crappy television programs, but that has not been all.  As it turns out, the endless garter stitch of Color Affliction has been an excellent companion.  It has allowed me to be productive when I could not focus on much else.  I am nearly to the short-row section, and I hope my brain is ready for it when I get there.    

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Socktober!

Are they still playing Socktoberfest?  I don't know if they are, but I am pretty sure they were back when I played Personal Sock Club.  That was 2009, I did not start at the beginning of the year, and by the time I reached my July bag grab, I was done.  That month the random draw was Chalet Socks from Folk Socks and Louet Gems Merino in Navy.  Once I got beyond the enlarging of charts, I think it started fine, but then I just put it aside.  No, I do not remember the reasons why, but I would guess it is not an interesting or original story.  I picked the socks up a few times, but never really did much until this summer.  Along with the mittens, I decided that enough was enough, and it was time to finish, that is to say, effo or effoff.  

While there were times that I wanted to just shove them back in a bag and forget about them, or return the yarn to a state of stash, I continued.  Along the way, I began to enjoy the knit, and trying them on showed me that I was making progress, and that they would be wonderful socks. Knitting this pair also reminded me of many of the wonderful things about socknitting.  It was a great inspiration to sew that little bag, and now that they are done, I find myself thinking more about knitting socks more often.  I am relieved that I am thinking about making more socks, but not feeling the need to knit millions of them.  I already have too many things I feel that way about, and I do not need more.  

Of course, October is not just about the socks.  It is the time when Stacey organizes a fundraiser.  Donate early, and donate often.  I have knit a few things to add to the prize package.  The shawl is cashmere and the little knits are magnetic. PrizeContributionToNMOFundraiser

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Affected and Afflicted

While I cannot be sure of the first time I saw it, I think if was over at Margene's.  I looked at it and considered it, and then let the idea drift away.  However, it kept coming back.  It kept popping up here and there, and so did the desire to knit it.  Someone else showed me her yarn choices, and I thought about it some more.  Soon I was trying to decide if I wanted to knit it because so many others had, or if that was the reason I was resisting the idea.  Another knitter showed me her yarn, a plan hatched, and I bought the pattern that night.  I used the promise of stash-shopping as the reward to finish up a few things.  I already had ideas of what colors I would use, but looking into the bins gave me other ideas, and soon I had a bag of possibilities.  I showed it to others, they gave their opinions, and as they played with the various combinations, I had even more ideas. 

These are the yarns I gathered for Color Affection.  I keep playing around with various groupings of three and I am still not sure, but I really want to start knitting.  Cast on is slated for October 17th, so I still have time to decide.  It is good that I have other knits going to keep me from starting early.
So far, this combination dubbed "I Love the Eighties" seems to be the favorite amongst those I have asked.  

AutumnAffectionHere is the "Autumn Affection" set.  I think it is a little different from what I normally would pick, and is an interesting possibility.

Then there is this set that does not have a name.  Bruce said that the Ash would be good for socks.  I take that as a hint, and think I should get some secret socks going soon.  

My mom thinks I should do "I Love the Eighties" for the knitalong, but cast on for "Autumn Affection" right now in secret.  Maybe I will knit it for her, but I will be good and wait to cast on with everyone at the pre-determined time.  

What do you think?  One of the above combos, a different grouping, something else you know I have?  On the other hand, maybe you think I should just shut up, quit asking everyone, and figure it out for myself.