Friday, October 26, 2012

SAFF-ward Bound

Many times, we have talked about attending the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, but we never really got past talking about it.  A few things change, (and some things that don't) and we are planning a trip to North Carolina to attend SAFF.  My brain is swirling around quite a bit, and it does not really seem real, but this is actually happening, so I need to get my act together, and in a hurry.  Kiwi is already buckled in the car and ready to go.

I am going to take a class from Abby Franquemont.  It is called Spinning Faster, and this is the class description:
Do you wish you could make more yarn faster? This is the class for you! You'll learn several drafting methods and get personalized feedback on how you spin and where your bottlenecks are. You'll learn to get the most out of your wheel, how to set up for efficiency, how to measure your productive rate, and exercises to practice to improve your spinning speed.

It sounds like the right class for me.  Of course, I have never taken a spinning class before, so I am not really sure of anything.  Well, I do know that I am a slow spinner, (not really a problem) and I would like to be more efficient, because I put a lot into it, and I would really like my results to better reflect that.

There is so much more to do to prepare for the trip.  The laundry and regular packing were no big deal.  I even brought along handknit socks to wear because I really think we will have the weather for it, and if a fiber festival is not the place to wear handknit socks, I don't know what is.  

I have been planning my travel knitting, and am so optimistic about finishing my Color Affliction while I am gone that I am bringing my little sample of Soak (if I can find it).  Then it will probably be the knitting of little things, or maybe socks.  Of course, there is a baby blanket I need to work on, and it might be a good choice, but it is not the number one thing I want to do.  My Bauble shawl understands that its charts and traveling are not a great match.  Bauble wants undivided attention, I think.  Bauble has been talking about bead choices and may be plotting my demise.      

I will probably buy a few things, but I will have to see all that is there before I know more about what I might want.  Since I do not have a local weaving store, I might get a bit for the looms.  I especially look forward to seeing things in person and figuring out whom I want to order from in the future because I will not be able to buy absolutely everything I see and want.  I do understand that I would be doing a disservice to myself if I do not purchase some goat milk fudge, and Bruce always approves of fudge.    

No time to get a good pic of the yarn I finally finished, so you'll have to settle for one of a niece.     
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