Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten Thumbs on Tuesday

The bulk of my mitten knitting for this pair is done. They just lack thumbs, and I hope to add those in a day or two. Since I normally only carry yarn in my left hand, colorwork can leave my right hand a bit fatigued. Then, last night, because I mistakenly I ended my mitten three rounds too soon (making a few modifications), had to un-kitchener, pick up the stitches, Russian-join, knit the omitted section, and re-kitchener the tip, I am ready to set this project aside for a little bit.

Speaking of thumbs, I continue to be entertained by my amazingly green thumbs over in my PVZ Zen Garden. Yes, I caved and bought the full game, but am glad that I did. While it did eat much of my weekend, it was perfect for when I could not sleep and could not concentrate on anything more demanding. Even if it devours my chances at Ravelympic gold, I made the right choice.

I am glad that Carole keeps coming up with Ten on Tuesday topics since the official site has not been updating for a while. Thinking up ten of my favorite places to knit was easy.

Sporting events--I do not enjoy sports, but I can enjoy being with others who do without losing my mind.

Coffee shops--It is wonderful to sip a tasty beverage while clicking along with needles. Whether it is a small local place or part of a large chain, I love knitting at the coffee spots.

Cars--While Bruce drives, I love to knit during a long road trip. The stitches add up even on short trips across town, too.

With friends--Technically this is not a location, but wherever I am with fun people, whether the stitches flow or not, it is always a great time.

Medical facilities--It makes the inevitable wait seem shorter, relieve stress, and provide a necessary distraction.

Outside--This does not happen often, but when the weather is just right, knitting in the sunlight and fresh air is a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors.

My living room--Sitting and knitting at home is still one of the best.

Social gatherings--Sometimes I need a little help in the social settings, and knitting helps calm my nerves, relax, and enjoy time with others.

Yarn shops--It is inspiring to sit and knit among all of the pretty colors, fibers, and other knitters and their projects.

Lines--Waiting at the bank, the post office, the store, or anywhere else with knitting in hand seems to make the line move more quickly. Even if it doesn't I don't mind the wait as much, and play little games in my mind estimating how much I will knit before it is my turn.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

UM...Cruise, Please?

I think I could go for a lengthy boating adventure on that river in Egypt. On second thought, maybe I will do something silly, instead.

Humbled :: Honored
Buns :: Steel
Snowstorm :: Century
Sweetheart :: Deal
Punch :: Hawaiian
Glass :: Animals
Classical :: Music
Heels :: Dogs
Twitter :: Pated
Husband :: Wife

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Detracting from Fancy

I do not normally feel fancy, but I did for a moment because I bought a tea set.  Then, I tried to fix my comments and felt decidedly un-fancy.  I may have broken the interwebs about forty-seven times.  Now I think I have a solution, but am unsure of how I like it.  Changes, eh?  I think I might just give the rest of my day to looking at tea cozy patterns or the sunflowers and zombiez.  Wait, I had a plan to take care of winter.  I really should get on that; it's getting wild out there.

Saturday, February 06, 2010


It feels odd for me to celebrate my blogiversary, but five years feels like too much of a milestone to not acknowledge it, at least. Thank you for being a part of my life and letting me into yours.

I think that in the future, I will call Groundhog Day my blogiversary because it is a much more significant day, and worthier of celebration. Of course, I may not get back around to taking note of the blogiversary until the tenth, if I am still doing this in five years.

Speaking of the blog, I have to change my commenting system, as Haloscan is ending. I am disappointed, as I liked that format well enough, and it has served me well for over nine hundred comments. On to the next thing, eh?

UMFurniture :: Table
Beauty :: Beast
Sip :: Hot
Block :: Head
Forehead :: Palm
Championship :: Bowling
Hurl :: Chuck
Whip :: Crack
Destruction :: Total
Leather :: Pants

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day!

Hooray! Today is that most excellent of days, Groundhog Day! I hope that you are enjoying the holiday, and that maybe something special and wonderful is happening for you today.

I have been alternating between knitting, spindling, and decluttering. Only two are worth showing a picture, but since it is Groundhog Day, you only get a sneak peek.