Sunday, December 09, 2018

Another Sunday, Another Seven

I stuck with a style this week.  Decorating these was super-easy and super-quick.  I certainly need more of that, as I have a lot I am trying to do right now.  

Since some of the family has travel plans later this month, our Christmas gathering is a bit early.  By that, I mean it is Saturday.  I only have to buy for one more person, so that shouldn't be too hard.  I do have a plan to sew some zippered pouches and put small prizes in them, but I will wait to buy the prizes (candy cane, lip balm, Reese's tree, pocket tissues) until I see if I can sew them all.  

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Float Flash

Maybe it beats a picture of soaking mittens?  I'm not sure.  I'm unsure of many things.  I think I may have missed the mark on something, and the feelings of insecurity and confusion might be bleeding over to other parts of life.  Of course, it's one of those things I probably can't do anything about, and can only hope that the thought can be what counts.  If not, it won't be the first or last time I embarrass myself, and if it goes sideways rather than just missing the mark, well, it won't be my first shunning, either. 

Anyway, I couldn't show a photo of the mittens soaking, as I have only completed the thumb on the first mitten.  I gotta tell you, my enthusiasm is not where I would like it to be.  That being said, a lack of interest can work for me when it comes to finishing things.  I won't be looking for that spark for embarking on something new; I can just plug along.  I just have to get going on the work and let some version of autopilot operate.  At least that's what I'm trying right now with these mittens, as well as with other work I need to do, and I do have a lot of work needing to be done.          

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Sunday Seven

Well, like many a wearied NaBloPoMo-er, I took off the first of December.  I'm pretty sure I wrote an entry for each day last month, but I'm not putting up a badge to celebrate.     

Anyway, I set a goal, and so far, so good.  This week I decorated seven of the balls I had knit for the Knit Ball Pit.  I think those are the only royal blue ones I knit, and I don't plan to make more in that color.  It gave me too much trouble adding the face on those.  I enjoyed working on these, and I think I'm improving.  I liked trying out different things, and the more I tried, the more ideas popped into my head.  

It was nice to see that the goal of completing seven each week is achievable for me.  I want to do so much more, but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself.       


Friday, November 30, 2018


So, there have been some sales lately, I have many upcoming gift-giving occasions, and I need to be prepared.  What's that you say?  You're super-curious about my shopping?.  Well, I did manage to score a sweet deal on hand sanitizer for the stockings.  I'll stop there before you become overwhelmed with jealousy.  

Ah, but now you are wondering if I saw many things I would like, too?  You bet.  However, I do not have limitless funds, and besides, I was really looking for gifts for others.  That does not mean I was totally selfless; I did pick up some things just for me.  I bought some markers, and that's a treat just for me.  I picked up some deodorant, and that's a treat for everyone.  Then there's this other thing I bought myself.  Well, I can use it to make things for others, but you understand what I mean.  Anyway, even though it was not a time-limited sale, it was still a good deal as it was on clearance, and you know you need to snap up those clearance bargains when you have a chance.  

Ta-da!  The waves of jealousy return, no?  I mean, who doesn't wish for five pounds of polyester fiberfill?  I actually did need to get more of this stuff(ing), but seeing as how I mostly use it to fill those teeny-tiny knits, I may have achieved SABLE status for this.  Maybe I just need to knit a bunch more for the Knit Ball Pit.  Those need much more stuffing to fill.

Yeah, this was what I was waiting on delivery for yesterday.  The package of markers is included for scale.  They were delivered separately yesterday.  The whole thing is more amusing to me than it should be, but we all have to find our ways to cope.  Anyway, I'm a little concerned about opening the box because of the potential for expansion issues.  Maybe I need to have a Space Bag ready.  

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Everything Except What I Was Supposed to Do

Yeah, that kind of sums up my Thursday.  Actually, that mostly just reflects my feelings.  I did many of the things I was supposed to do yesterday, but the things I did not do are glaring at me, arms crossed, feet a-tapping.  Mostly, it's that trip to the post office that is crossest at me for skipping it.  I was waiting for a delivery.  I saw that the package was on the truck and out for delivery in the wee hours, and then I waited.  I actually received a delivery from that carrier this morning for something not predicted to be here until Saturday.  Then, it was after six o'clock, I checked the tracking, and I see it is back at the facility, scheduled for delivery tomorrow.  Well, there you go.  I could be annoyed, but I really just have to laugh.  I wonder if it was on that first truck, they missed that I had an additional package, and then they weren't going to go back to this end of the route when they realized what had happened.  Also, it is kind of comical.  I'll show you what I mean when it all arrives.  

Anyway, so that's a lot of nothing to see here.  I'm working the thumb on a mitten.  I started watching The Handmaid's Tale, but now I need to wait for my mom.  She wants to watch with me.  I've only watched the first episode, so it isn't a big deal.  I may watch a couple more to get through these thumbs.  I don't mind re-watching.  Besides, I'm not absolutely sure she will enjoy the show so it might be good if I watch ahead to check out things.  It is nice to have a bit of a viewing line-up ready for her.  Soon we will re-watch GOT in anticipation of the new season beginning in April.  

So, what do I have to show for my Thursday?  Well, I already put away the laundry I did.  I know you're totally disappointed.  I was going to turn it into an Unconscious Mutterings post, but there's not a list this week.  Well, I wasn't about to finish the mittens that quickly, so I threw up my wings and drew a little owl.    

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I Suppose it Depends on What You Think

By that, I mean embroidering on the thumbs of a mitten is either more difficult or exactly as difficult as you think.  Although in the end, it was totally worth it.  I say that not because I did such a great job with it, but because the little bird looked like an ugly blob without the embroidered details.  Now, it kind of reminds me of a lumpy version that jerk chickenhawk in the cartoons, so, improvement?   

Anyway let us go back in time to the knitting days of yore.  The pattern:  Bird in Hand by Kate Gilbert, the knitwear designer who spread TheClap to so many.  I admired it and considered getting the pattern and knitting a pair, but I did not.  Fast-forward, and a different Pattern Fairy sent it to me.  Then I began knitting these, and then they sat.  I cannot account for my time.  I did not document.  Life, the world, and just generally being me, m'kay?  

For the yarn, I chose this color combination.  It is somewhat similar to the only pair of gloves I've ever knit.  That's right, I already knew that the colorwork would not be very clear and I did it anyway.  Not only that, I mixed alpaca and wool yarns.  I love how soft alpaca is, but it is kind of dead in comparison to wool's liveliness.  So, that's going to be an enjoyable and winning combination for knitting colorwork, yeah? 

I guess what I'm trying to get at, is that I'm finished making these.  For a pair of mittens I like so well, I sound really negative, eh?  These are really nice, warm mittens.  The softness of all those alpaca floats is very nice, and adds to the wearing experience.  Also, there is a small bird on each thumb!     


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Two Thumbs Down, Two Thumbs Up, Nothing to See Here

With the completion of the first pair of mittens, I've decided to work on the thumbs for the other long-unfinished pair.  Hey, at least this time all of the components are already together.  Since I haven't finished them and I already gave you an unimpressive picture of soaking mittens yesterday, I'll spare you the progress shot.  I will tell you the major part that holds me up when it comes to finishing these (and almost any, but mostly colorwork) mittens--picking up the stitches for the thumbs.  I don't know why I get such a mental block about it, but I do.  I mean, the thumb is such a small amount of knitting, but transferring the live stitches from waste yarn to needles (confession:  that's as far as I've gotten on the next mitten) and then picking up the rest of the stitches drains away my will to live, and we all know that is a constantly dwindling resource on my best days.  Oh, well, I'll get through it.  Until then, here's a picture of a tiny figurine the son gave me.  I think it was a gift he received in Japan but does not want.  That's fine--I love it!