Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The Skin You're In

As you know, much of my Palette-yarn-knitting (and, indeed, much of my knitting altogether) involves the wonderful patterns of Anna Hrachovec, especially, her tiny knits.  I do love to make the small creations.  It isn't a huge time investment to play around with different colors.  Personalizing the little people by skin color and tone makes my world so much brighter.  

Last year (I think?  Time, I tell ya, eh?) I was knitting multiple, tiny Elizabeth Warrens.  I was sometimes knitting outside on the front porch with some of the kids from the neighborhood.    Once when it was just one young lady and me, she asked for a knitted Christmas present.  Well, that could have been a bit dicey, seeing as how at the time there were around eight kids dropping by our front porch, plus a couple more they all interacted with down the street whose parents did not allow to leave their yards, and of course, visiting cousins.  You don't want to hurt feelings, and you can't make something for everyone, so I was a bit nervous.  Anyway, she was asking about all the Elizabeth Warrens I had been knitting and wondered if I could make other people.  You see, she wanted a mini-her.  She was old enough to keep quiet, so I agreed.  I asked her a few questions about clothing and hairstyle and got to work.  When it came time to knit the face, I brought out my bin of Palette flesh-toned yarns and let her choose.  Of course, her younger sister was along, so, yeah, I was making one more mini person.  They were satisfied with the color choices I had, made a couple more hairstyle request changes, and soon, I was able to give them their own mini-selves, and more importantly, they liked them!  

Well, over the years I've bought a skein here and there to expand my color selection for knitting tiny people, and what I've ordered has been hit-and-miss.  The Palette Mountain and Desert sampler box was a good purchase.  Sure, some call this the boring box, but it is exciting to me.  Now my flesh-tone bin has an expanded range, and I can see for myself what each of these colors look like in-person.  I love this collection!    


Sunday, December 27, 2020

Stocking Up

That advice to have two weeks worth of food and supplies during the pandemic is, generally speaking, pretty sound, wouldn't you say?  We've never had so much food in the house.  I find it by turns comforting and anxiety-provoking.  It is good to know that we are prepared, but the very real reasons to be prepared this way is not so good, and that's just part of what I think about and feel when I look in my kitchen.  

For a moment, let's move to a different part of the house.  Now, pre-pandemic, it had been quite a while since I had bought yarn, and when I did, it was not much at a time.  I already had an abundant supply.  For the people who guessed that being home all the time would increase knitting output, they guessed incorrectly.  The stress of *gestures broadly* has left me knitting significantly less.  I've noticed that with a lot of other knitters, too.  So, yeah, what I'm saying is, over the course of these months, I have acquired more yarn.  While it makes me a bit uncomfortable (for a number of reasons) to show these purchases and gifts, I'm going to do so anyway.  Perhaps the yarn has been waiting on its blog debut before it could make its way to my needles.  Yeah, I don't believe that either, but we'll just go with that for now.  

At any rate, it's a good excuse to blog a bit more, and now that I've taken pictures, I can add a photo, blather on, and hit publish.  

First up, is a Palette sampler.  I am a fan of Knit Picks' Palette yarn.  There are so many colors, it is reasonably priced, and versatile.  It is what I use to knit my many tiny things.  This is the Sunrise and Sunset collection.  There are so many beautiful colors.  I love these reds, pinks, purples, oranges, and blues.  Now I just need to stop gazing at the nicely boxed up set and get to knitting.