Wednesday, February 02, 2022

It's Groundhog Day!

C'mon.  Admit it.  As you read that, you heard the movie, right?  No?  Just me then, eh?  Oh, well.  Anyway, Happy Groundhog Day!  I hope it is living up to all you hoped it would be.  Small disappointment here in that none of the channels I receive is airing a back-to-back-to-back marathon of the movie.  Other than that, many things make today rather Groundhog-Day-esque.  Bruce is feeling a bit unwell and is sleeping while Law and Order plays.  I'm doing laundry.  I did a Duolingo lesson.  I'm back to that after a friend sent me an invite, and I took that nudge to get me back to it.  Though, I have to wonder if that, ahem, persistent owl put her up to it.  I played Animal Crossing.  I scrolled twitter.  I refilled the bird feeders.  We've switched medical appointments back to virtual rather than in-person.  I did the Wordle for today.  I added some groceries to the online cart for our next delivery.  I medically harassed Bruce (medical harassment is our term of endearment for the multiple intrusions in his day of various medical things like meds and vitals).  The Good People of Genoa City were not particularly entertaining.  I drank coffee.  I did a sign language lesson.  At some point today I'll probably talk on the phone with my mom.  I moved a knitting bag closer to me in anticipation of working on the Hue Shift Afghan.  Yeah, I re-started that after a friend wrote me about it.  Still, it has been more avoidance than knitting.  There are mourning doves and brown-headed cowbirds fussing at the feeders.  I don't know what we're having for supper and don't particularly feel like thinking about it.  While I don't do every one of these things every day, this is a relatively accurate snapshot into our lives.  All-in-all, not too shabby, eh?   

What about you?  What's your endless loop, or is each day a fresh new adventure?  Here's a picture of the inside of that knitting bag with the in-progress blanket and the Groundhog I knit some years back.   

in-progress mitered-square blanket knit in pastel colors sitting atop the pattern and other yarn.  There is also a small knit groundhog poking out the top of its knit mound and hole
p.s. Happy Twos-day! 2-2-22