Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Learning is its Own Reward

At least that is what I am telling myself, but it feels a bit hollow.  I tackled some new-to-me weaving techniques, and in many ways, the venture was a success.  However, my efforts fell short, quite literally.  On the upside, my grandma gets a new scarf.  On the downside, that was not what I was trying to weave.  
This was my first attempt at indirect warping and using a warping board.  I actually need a real warping board, because my inkle loom does not accommodate a warp long enough for, oh, let's say, a full sized scarf, but I thought it did.  I think I had calculated correctly, but that was when I was winding the warp incorrectly, and I did not re-check measurements when I fixed that error.  At least that is what I think happened.  Maybe I made some other mistake, but that does not change the fact that I need a real warping board.  I researched them and considered diy-ing it, but figured that between any equipment needed and the time and materials, I would probably be better off buying one.  Then I found a used one for a reasonable price, but just before I had saved enough pennies, someone else bought it.  So, I went back to my other choices, and I think I might have a winner.  

Anyway, now that the scarf has been off the loom for a bit, I do feel better about it all.  I did well with the indirect warping method, and am glad to understand it so that I can use it for other weaving projects.  This was also my first time using two heddles to weave, and that went quite well.  It allowed me to use some beautiful laceweight alpaca to create some wonderfully fine, drape-y cloth.  It also helps that I was able to give the scarf to my grandma, and I think she likes it.