Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just Like Vogue Knitting

It is all Crazy Town, all the time around here. No better time for a niece and nephew weekend, right?

I shared this brilliant animation from Franklin, with my husband and nephew. We were constantly quoting from it and being silly; however, it also inspired thoughtful reflection in my nephew. He considered just how long it takes to knit a cabled scarf for someone, how many stitches are in a sweater, and whether each stitch says, "I love you."

Upon discovering that I had not replenished the supplies of Stretch Magic beading cord, thus ruling out a fun beading session, my niece launched into critical mode. She told me that she thinks I made my Mariner Moose, that there is no such thing as Stitch 'n' Pitch--that I made it all up. Then I showed her the fiber that I received with the bobblehead moose, and that softened her attitude significantly. She loves the colors, and wants me to make it into a scarf for her. Next, she asked whether the new loom could be used to make a blanket, and her view of it changed dramatically, as well.

Speaking of the loom, I wove my first scarf. Just like knitting, it benefited from a dunk in hot water and wool wash. Anyway, I like it pretty well, even though I do see where I need to improve. I learned several things throughout the process, and that is always good. I would show it to you, but we will all have to wait until I locate the camera cord.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Not Drankin'

Nevertheless, I am weaving. Besides my new loom, I do not have anything to show just yet, but I have ideas. There are also many new vocabulary terms for me to understand, as well as a different pattern language to decode, and of course, new skills and techniques to master.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome (I hope) a new lurker. If you are able to and would like to, feel free to comment. I do believe you were trying to give me a clue to let me know you had found the blog, but my brain was not working very well the other day. On the other hand, my it is possible that my brain is still not working well, I am seeing meaning where there is none, and this is all just an overworking of my imagination, and wishful thinking on my part.

I do apologize for the somewhat cryptic message meant for just one possible reader, and appreciate everyone indulging me in this. As a thank you for your support and understanding, I am sending hugs to all of you who like them, and a spore-friendly thumbs-up to those of you who do not.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Does it mean that I will bring bad luck when I cross people's paths while wearing this? Black cats may have a bad reputation, but they get good marks in my book for keeping me company.

I also love that I have so much company with time confusion. I enjoy the time change not only for this reason, but also, because for a few more days, I will almost feel like I am somewhere between on-time and ahead.

Everything :: About You
China :: Doll
Essence :: Ecstasy/Nothing Lasts Forever
Immediate :: Gratification
Obstruct :: Bowels
Force :: Hand
Constellation :: Project
Intuitive :: Simple
Complain :: Whine
Train :: Wreck

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just Nod and Smile

Check out these fabulous gifties my friend, Laura, sent me! They showed up on a long, rainy day, and gave me just the lift I needed. I absolutely love this little guy. He is so freaking adorable I can hardly stand it. My new bobblehead knitting Mariner Moose watches over me, encouraging me on my NaKniSweMo journey and more. I am being good and not getting the fabulous fiber on the wheel until I finish the current fiber. It is very motivating, and that is always good. Mariner Moose is nodding in agreement.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Inauspicious Beginning

NaKniSweMo is here, and I am playing, (Halloween Vest) however the start has not been what I had hoped. I was checking which size I would knit, measured myself, (eek!) and cast on for the appropriate size. Just a few rounds in, it seemed off by more than a little. Then I got out the calculator and checked numbers with the gauge in the pattern, and was glad I had not gone any further. If I continued with those numbers and that gauge, I will have a garment about 5" larger around than the size I was knitting. For now, I am tossing it aside and playing Wii.

Since we're all friends here, I'll show yo
u what it looked like off the needles.