Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just Like Vogue Knitting

It is all Crazy Town, all the time around here. No better time for a niece and nephew weekend, right?

I shared this brilliant animation from Franklin, with my husband and nephew. We were constantly quoting from it and being silly; however, it also inspired thoughtful reflection in my nephew. He considered just how long it takes to knit a cabled scarf for someone, how many stitches are in a sweater, and whether each stitch says, "I love you."

Upon discovering that I had not replenished the supplies of Stretch Magic beading cord, thus ruling out a fun beading session, my niece launched into critical mode. She told me that she thinks I made my Mariner Moose, that there is no such thing as Stitch 'n' Pitch--that I made it all up. Then I showed her the fiber that I received with the bobblehead moose, and that softened her attitude significantly. She loves the colors, and wants me to make it into a scarf for her. Next, she asked whether the new loom could be used to make a blanket, and her view of it changed dramatically, as well.

Speaking of the loom, I wove my first scarf. Just like knitting, it benefited from a dunk in hot water and wool wash. Anyway, I like it pretty well, even though I do see where I need to improve. I learned several things throughout the process, and that is always good. I would show it to you, but we will all have to wait until I locate the camera cord.
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