Saturday, August 13, 2022

Big Changes

We knew this day was coming, but we hoped we would have at least one more year before it happened.  Still, no matter when, we would still want more time.  My brother, sister-in-law, and two nieces moved away today. 
It's all happened so quickly.  We were so grateful that they worked to find a way to isolate and test so we could have a little in-person time with them before they left.  That they were willing to do so meant so much, and that they worked out the details to make it happen.  We're sad for them to go, but happy for them to have new adventures and opportunities.  We hope their new home exceeds every amazing expectation they have.  Our loss is The Centennial State's gain.         

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Should Have Knit More

If only I had knit more little things I would have created an awesome entry for the 2022 Mochimochiland Photo + Video Contest by now, right?  

I have this little pile of recent knits.

There's this other pile I knit before that.  
Then there's this other pile of little knits that have been just hanging out in a bag in my knitting bag by the couch.  
Don't forget the pile of tiny rabbits and carrots, 
or the gathering of little Elizabeth Warrens.  
Of course, we haven't even gotten to the biggest pile.  
Still, I'm coming up empty.  If the answer to music is more cowbell, the answer here must be more knitting, right?  I'm starting to think it's just not going to happen, and I am trying to be fine with that.  I just wanted to contribute to the event.  Oh, well.  Then again, I still have a few more days, so maybe I will manage to get something together.