Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Wednesday, Right?

Let the random fly!

The dvd collection has grown. Now I know what happened on the fourth season of Dexter just in time for the beginning of the fifth season. We do not have Showtime, so I will be out of the loop before too long. However, the other dvd set is already blowing my mind and making me excited about spinning, so I have plenty to occupy my time. Also, watching it while folding laundry makes folding laundry not so horrible.

Speaking of ordinary tasks, I am spending less time doing one of them. Of course, I am talking about tying my shoelaces. Lifehacker (do not recall just how I ended up there) directed me to the Ian Knot. It will change your life.

Speaking of changes, Bloglines is going bye-bye by the first of October. Have you snuggled up to Google Reader, or do you use something else? Some have suggested connecting the blog with Facebook, but that is not for me.

Speaking of Facebook, I was looking at stats for the blog the other day, (I used to look at those obsessively, but not so much lately) and it seems that there has been a good bit of traffic leading people here, specifically, to the entry for the last pair of mittens that I knit.

Speaking of mittens, they are one of the few things that have not been on my packing list. I want to pack light to make room for souvenirs traveling simpler and more enjoyable, but I fear being unprepared and not having something that I need. I learn a lot each time I travel about what I need to bring, and what is best left at home. I used to bring way too much knitting, but I have a better grasp on that. Speaking of travel knitting, it is time to pick some out right now.
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