Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lighten Up

There is a time for sitting with unhappy feelings and thoughts as we acknowledge reality and process. However, after a while, it changes, and we are just sifting through rotting garbage. This Tuesday, we are all about lightening the mood.
1. Realize that the heavy mood is becoming too much and unhelpful.
2. Watch Cartoons: Animated silliness helps you shake off a case of super-seriousness
3. Video Games: Whether you are solving a puzzle, swinging the Wii-mote, or racing your car, focusing your concentration on a game for a bit is a great way to switch gears.
4. Soap Operas: The combination of ultra-seriousness and absurdity is agreat way to finish flushing out feelings of drama and revenge.
5. Sing: Pick something light, bright, and joyful, and sing it loudly.
6. Move: Take a walk, dance, or exercise to shake out the tension stored in your body, and your mind and heart will take the hint.
7. Bake/Cook: Whether making something for ourselves or to share, a special yummy brightens the day.
8. Sunshine: Get out and let some of that natural light do what it does for us.
9. Snuggle: Find that special someone and be close.
10. Laugh: Whether we find something to tickle the funny bone or just let loose because we could see how ridiculous we had become, laughter gets the good brain chemistry going.

Meanwhile, the needles are clicking along with the baby knits and hopes of being in the zone enough to crank out a few more.
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