Thursday, August 05, 2010

Growing and Shrinking

It hardly seems that I can be over 67% finished with knitting this Beach Glass Shawl, but according to Rose-Kim Knits' wonderful Shawl Progress Calculator, I am. It took me a bit to begin the shawl. I just could not cast on all 388 stitches at once, so I would add in increments of 50, place a marker, set it aside, spin, and repeat. The upside of doing it that way was that I took breaks from the wheel, I completed the cast on without losing noticeable amounts of sanity, and there was less counting involved when I needed to add the center marker for the shawl.
There are still enough stitches in each row to keep them from being spread out all the way on the needle, but the rows are noticeably shorter for me. I love the rhythm of this lace as its waves grow in a comforting rhythm. Knitting it is such a joy, made greater as I think of the friend who will receive it.
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