Saturday, August 14, 2010

Like Watching Wool Dry

Yeah, that about sums up the excitement level and what I am doing right now. Beach Glass is blocking, but it should not take long before I can get it in the mail. Well, there is my track record of not getting packages off to where they ought to go in the timeliest fashion, but since there is no deadline or expectation of the arrival of either, I think I will be fine. Oh, and speaking of that, I received a piece of mail the other day. All that was recognizable was my return address label and the uncanceled stamp. It had gotten wet, and the mailing address washed away. It was a birthday card for a friend. To add insult to injury, it would have been on time, and I rarely ever accomplish that.

Ah, but I am getting off track a bit, or am I? Did I have a point? Oh, I did have a list for Ten on Tuesday, but I had read the topic incorrectly, and had Ten Reasons to Not Love Bacon. Once I realized my error, I had lost any enthusiasm for making a new post, but was hungry for bacon, and feeling bad about myself.

SiniProgressSince I like all of the Estonian Hand Puppet patterns, I decided to go with the most popular, and I am working round and round on Sini. The colorwork pattern is easy to remember, and making my way through the rounds seems faster than what my progress shows. I have begun thinking about making more of these, as they are so cute. A plan to spin and knit one out of alpaca amuses me, but I do know that I can sometimes be amused easily.
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