Friday, July 23, 2010

Tour Dam Tour

WeAreHereTouring the Hoover Dam topped the list of must-do things for Bruce while we were in Las Vegas. It was a fascinating and educational adventure, but I wanted to do more with the experience. I put my drop spindle, fiber, and a yellow shirt in a bag, and hoped everything would work out something close to what I envisioned.

When I was warming up (for the spindling, that is) in line inside waiting for the guided tour to begin, I believe some people tried to sneak pictures, others stared, but there were few questions. A curious adult prodded a child to ask me about what I was doing. It seems that once most people learn what I am doing, they experience and odd combination of disappointed, bored, and confused. Bruce, however, ever enthusiastic and supportive, urged me to give more details than most people ever wanted to hear. By the time he is trying to get me to describe the Tour de Fleece, they are beginning to look for the nearest exit.

Anyway, none of that matters, as my purpose was to entertain and amuse myself, and that I did.



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