Monday, July 26, 2010

Anniversary Yarn

The 2010 Tour de Fleece has come to an end. Around the world, lint rollers are cleaning up the stray bits of fluff, and new skeins of handspun wonder whether they will become something else, or if they will continue to be valued because they are yarn.

The TdF was different this year, but I still had fun. I was a bit disappointed that it became necessary to change the way they awarded the daily prizes, but completely understand why they made the decision. I really enjoyed going through the threads and voting last year. Still, I do not think that is really what made it so odd this time, and the prizes, while very nice and generous, are beside the point. July is usually a bit of a weird(er) month for me every year.

So, what all did I make during the Tour? I spun some of the pink wool that I got earlier this month. I spun a bit of Shetland wool, and that was very nice. There is still more to come from both of those. However, a different spinning experience was star of the Tour for me. It was the one goal I set for myself, and it was a challenge, but I finished with the fiber I received for my anniversary last year.

Because it was a gift from Bruce, that made it special, and that is why I decided to take my time with it on a spindle. I did not expect to take this long, but I have many memories to go along with my new yarn. During last year's TdF, it came with us to the hospital for the isolation room experience. This year, it came along on our Vegas adventure, and I got to spin it atop the Hoover Dam. It shared plain, quiet moments, too.

When I finished with the singles, I had to decide whether I wanted to ply on the spindle or a wheel. Kiwi won, and she was right. Fitting it all back on Little Si would have probably been too much. Anyway, I loved plying. It would seem that all of the plying mojo is vacationing here. I kept watching The Gentle Art of Plying, and it is wonderful and inspiring. After that, it was time to skein, wash, dry, and re-skein, and sitting back and enjoying my new yarn. I wonder what it will become.

686 yards

24 wpi
114.2 grams/4.03 ounces
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