Friday, July 30, 2010

Buh-Bye, July!

Here we are again, another month drawing to a close, and what a month it has been. In some ways, it seems like it has flown by, but with how much has happened, July 1 feels ages ago. We had the wonderful visit with grandparents and the weird Tour de Fleece. Las Vegas was filled with amazing experiences crammed into just a few days, and perhaps it was more than the flying that left my head swimming.
My mom's dog venture has entered a new phase. Construction began on the dogs' new home, and Poppy had two puppies.

WhisperedRainbowInspiration from Nora's Citron had me digging through the stash to find a missing ball of yarn to knit one of my own. I love my new shawl, and wish I could photograph it better to show it to you all. Knitting it was a perfect companion for this month, as it did not require too much attention, and the cobweb weight yarn I used (Jojoland Harmony) kept it compact for on the go knitting, and light enough so that it was comfortable to knit in the hot weather.

Speaking of the hot weather, I have been amazed at how little it has bothered me. Don't get me wrong, I do dislike the heat, but it has not hurt me the way it usually does. I was surprised by how well I held up in Vegas, even when the thermometer read 116F. Somehow, in my mind, it is nearly Fall, and time to start cold weather knits. Perhaps it is my weird working for me for now, but whatever it is, I am grateful that I am holding up so well with the hot.

We definitely have begun thinking about when it really will be almost Fall, as it is time for working out the details for probable travels in September. It will be another new-to-me experience. It looks like we will be in NYC for a few days, and we are on the verge of information overload trying to decide what we will do in the time we are there.

Whatever happens next, I have plenty of knitting and spinning to keep me company.
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