Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Weaving Wednesday

Not counting some experimental washcloths I still need to finish sewing the ends under, this is my first effort on the new loom. I liked it right away, but when I looked it over, it did not seem good enough for a gift; then I showed it to others. So far, they either have wanted it for themselves or knew just whom I should give it to as a present.

Anyway, I now have something rather different on the loom, and am planning future projects. Thanks to Stacey, I know that the next addition to my library needs to be Textures and Patterns for the Rigid Heddle Loom by Betty Linn Davenport. I think that will help me take my weaving where I would like it to go. I also really want to make a couple of these waffle-y scarves for some people. Then, there are the tartans I want to weave, and the rug for the front door, and the cute little tote, and, and, and.
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