Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Un-Sheeping Believable

Has it really come to this? It just seems wrong that I am modeling a sweater for a little poodle. At least the tension from knitting and guessing on the pattern rinsed away with the lavender wool wash. It is sure to fit one of the little dogs, and that will probably just encourage her to knit more of these things. This was supposed to be Soho Cables, but she wanted to knit it right.now, and when she could not get it for immediate download, and shipping more than doubled the price of the pattern, she ended up using a free pattern that required a lot of guessing and fiddling with the downsizing, and then there was ripping and cursing, and then in the search for the buttons she spotted me, and that is how I ended up in this superwash--insult to injury, I tell ya--dog sweater.

Oh, and you wanted to know about my intentions for 2011? I intend to not have to wear another dog sweater, but that might be a losing battle, so I will work on acceptance.
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