Thursday, December 11, 2008

What and I Have in Common*

First, we had the rain, and now we have the cold. A local newscaster said something to the effect that whether it freezes depends on what happens with the temperature. She said this while holding up a giant thermometer.

I have kept busy today, but have almost nothing of interest to show. I am nearly done with a garter scarf. I finished another Calorimetry. I have made my way through about 30% of the next bobbin of Indian Summer singles. Can you stand the excitement? I am thinking this might become a three-ply yarn. If that is the case, I will need to spin a third bobbin of singles to go with these two. Oh, dear! Did I really just write that? The local newspeoples have eaten my brain!

I have been working on a possible present for a friend. I really hope it works out the way I have it planned. I cannot write anything else about it or show pictures, as she has been known to peek in over here.

There is a holiday shindig on Saturday at Little Barn, and if I am to attend, I need to get the gift together. There is going to be one of those gift exchange things. I am not such a huge fan of them, but sometimes they work out well. I had wanted to order one of those Andean Chullo Kits, but when I last checked they were listed as unavailable until next year.

If I have my way tomorrow, I am getting out of the house and try to find adventure. There is a sale at a yarn store, and I may check out the offerings. Also, is the new knit.1 out yet? That's not a question I thought I would ever ask. Anyway, I caught the preview, and it looks like there are good patterns in it.

*We have both been experiencing temporary online outages. What it means for you is I cannot seem to come up with coherent comments to write on your blogs. What it means for me is an actual trip to the post office.

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