Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some Sunday Spindling

I grabbed some fiber and the drop spindle today. I thought I would breeze my way through a pile of blue. The pile of blue had other plans. This was my first go-around with this fiber. It seems like it might benefit from a little more preparation.

I have not branched out much in the fiber prep end of spinning. For one thing, I worry about ruining something. Since this stuff needs more help before I can really get down to spinning it, I am ready to jump in and see what happens. Yes, I might mess it up horribly, but if I do nothing, I will not spin it. The colors are too beautiful to just sit in a bag.

The first step will be to wash the fiber. Actually, I first have to wash dishes so that I have access to the sink. Maybe I will just get out the wheel and spin some fiber that is ready now.
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