Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Losing Track of the Days

IceQueenProgressI seriously just had a brief panic when I could not remember the day of the week. Anyway, tinking back mohair is so much fun. It is almost as fun as trying to use too small beads. I have the Ice Queen back on track. It is now an enjoyable knit. I really do not feel too bad about taking out that round because it allowed me to change my beads. It was just a bit of a pain to do, but no more than fighting those little beads another two hundred times (or however many beads this thing takes). Also, I will probably be finding beads around here for years. I feel I exercised the greatest self-control in that I did not throw any of them, tempted though I was.

I have also made this much progress on weaving in ends. There are just so many of them! I estimate there are about fifty more to go. Then I can work that applied i-cord edging. This has been a great hat to knit, and I feel a little bit of anxiety about giving it to the son. Speaking of him, I need to think of one more thing to get him for Christmas.

In other news, today, I bought a Wii Fit for the Christmas Eve daughter. I was afraid we might not find one. If I had known she wanted one, I would have picked one up earlier and not had the stress. I continually change my mind about whether I will knit anything for her or not. I really think it depends on time, and whether I think she would like a Calorimetry.
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