Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ten on Time Suck Tuesday

Finally, a Ten on Tuesday topic that speaks to me.

Ten Ways to Waste Time on the Internet
  1. Ravelry--whether you lose a day to the forums or the patterns, it can be quite the time suck
  2. YouTube--because I could need to see that mini sirloin burger commercial or Duran Duran at a moment's notice, and the suggested similar videos are equally important
  3. Wikipedia--everything is true on this uneditable collection of topics, right?
  4. Hulu--at least I give those hours away watching what I want to watch
  5. Games--until the eyes burn from not blinking for so long
  6. eBay--what don't they have for sale? Also, if I have to pay, I did not win /rant
  7. etsy--pretty, shiny, fluffy
  8. Blogs--wait, they aren't time wasters, but valuable resources
  9. Stalking Research
  10. Quizzes--how else would I know that the innerwebs judge me to be: 67% knitting addicted, the delete key, angora fiber, bubblegum flavored gum, Shropshire Sheep, 72% pure, interchangeable needles, mohair yarn, a Knitting Goddess, and that if I were a felony I would be stalking?
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