Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Knitter's Prerogative, aka, Oooh, Shiny!

The flash of inspiration came and went quickly. The mountain of mohair appeared to be in danger. I put it back in the bag, placed it on top of the books, and brought it to the stash staging area in preparation for putting it away. Then, I did not sleep. I almost caught up on blogs and email. Then maybe there was some kind of magic that eludes recall, I had the same pile of mohair back in the living room along with beads and a different book, and I am casting on for something new.

I am knitting the Beaded Cloche from Folk Hats. I remember that my sister liked this hat, and I wanted to knit a gift for her. BeadedClocheProgressWell, I am actually knitting a hat that is inspired by that pattern. Of course, I am not using the recommended yarn, and I am making several other modifications, chief amongst them being the fact that I am not pre-stringing the beads. The pattern calls for 910 beads to be threaded onto the mainly mohair yarn before knitting. I knew that was not about to happen. I also figured that I was going to have different gauge, looked at the chart, reduced the initial number, and decided to see what would happen. I know that is risky business when mohair is the main fiber, but I think it is working.

Already, I find myself thinking about knitting another, all the while mentally flipping through lists of potential recipients. Wanting to be able to give the knit to several different people all at once is always a good sign.
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