Thursday, November 05, 2009

Stick a Sock Blocker In It

When I was younger, someone could say something horrible to me and I would say nothing because I was scared. That is no longer the case. Still, I usually do not say anything because I do not want to expend the energy. However, there are times when it feels right to put a stop to someone trying to steamroll over me and be hateful.

Picture it, the booth of a woodworker at a fiber festival. Nevermind, I had my camera.

I am looking at wooden sock blockers on a table. I am about to begin to speak with the vendor when another festivalgoer approaches.

Me: These are nice.
BK (BitterKnitter): It won't matter. You have to learn to knit nice, first.
Me: Ah. I actually do knit quite well.
Vendor: Well, if you are knitting socks, I can tell you're no beginner.
BK: (pulling open jacket and puffing out chest) Well can you tell that I am not a beginner with this sweater I have knit?
Me: Hmmm. It is very nice.
BK: I have been knitting since I was ten. It was doll mittens then.
Me: (begins walking away) Ah. Well it sounds like you have probably been knitting longer than I have.

It was more comical than anything. Still, it made me wonder. It also made me want to take a walk to fondle fiber before returning to buy my set of sock blockers. Now I just need to find sock mojo. I thought for sure this gift would have brought it around. Perhaps it is just being considerate and waiting until the new year.
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