Monday, November 02, 2009

The First of...

Annemor8FOI finally finished my first pair of gloves. They are toasty warm, and the fit is good. The pattern is Annemor #8 from Selbuvotter. The yarn is Knit Picks Palette in Clematis Heather and Rainforest Heather. I like the way the colors work together, but sometimes wish I had chosen ones with greater contrast.

They had sort of had their public debut at the fiber festival, but they were hidden most of the day because I wore a pair of mittens over them for greater warmth. I did show them off once, but that had more to do with a weather discussion than one about my knitting.

I cast on for them on New Year's Day. I finished towards the end of October. It does not bode well for my career in glove production. Perhaps I ought to keep this as just a hobby, eh? With the extended break between the first glove and the second, I did inadvertently make a change. The undersides of each thumb are different, but if I do not point it out, no one else is likely to notice. Anyway, I am glad to have knit a pair of gloves, and will probably knit more some day, but that day is unlikely to come soon.
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