Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I confess myself unashamed of my love of badges. When I read about these the other day, I just had to scoop up the ones that I had earned. I will also admit that I have never listened to a podcast. It is nothing against them, but I just never have, and may never do so. Still, you never know where life will take you. I hope to earn more badges, but for now, this is a good start.

First off, I have the "Proselytize Knitting" badge for spreading Knit. I am most likely to be heard lauding Knit in waiting situations of all sorts. I do enjoy when the opportunity presents itself for the Skanky Knitters to share Knit with someone who wanders too close to our sphere, and is sucked in for a short presentation. Each Skank pipes up with another positive quality of knitting, and the potential new knitter is completely caught off guard and bewildered.

This brings me to the "I Can Be an Asshole When it Comes to Knitting" badge. This may have happened when spreading Knit to someone who did not care, or someone who called my knitting crochet. There is also the infamous "Pomatomus Pronunciation Incident." I also suppose that I have knit at inappropriate times or places.

Qualifying for the "I Will Impress You With My Math Prowess" badge was easy. I often disagree with yarn choices, and even more often cannot afford the suggested yarn in patterns. I substitute the yarns all the time. I can handle the basics of knitty math. I have detected and compensated for errors in patterns and patterns that could use a bit of help.

Becoming a recipient of the "I Will Crush You With My Math Prowess" badge is not pretty. I can apply the more complicated maths to knitting. It is just a bit painful to watch for those more gifted at math. Still, I can do it, and I claim my badge.

I have earned my "MacGyver" badge (Level I) from activities such as changing bamboo skewers into knitting needles, transforming toothpicks into cable needles, and using coffee stirrer straws as stitch holders.

My "MacGyver" badge (Level II) was earned when we used yarn to tie the remote oil filter to the car when it had been knocked loose by a person and then a poorly designed speed bump. It was able to get us home.

The "Knitting Has Forced Me to Seek Medical Attention" (Level I) badge came about as a result of the Knitting Olympics. I developed a case of psychosomatic carpal tunnel syndrome. I cannot explain it much more plainly than this. If I think about knitting induced repetitive motion injuries, the pain comes on, and will not abate until I can distract myself with some other stupid obsession. The medical attention I sought was all courtesy of Google and knitting magazines.

Here we have the "I've Knit Items With No Practical Application" badge. Each time I knit something for certain people, I earn this badge. You know the type of people of which I speak.

I know that this badge could be revoked, because I am ashamed to admit that in my knitting past I earned the "Inordinately Fond of Novelty Yarn" badge. It was a phase. I put the yarn to good use. I do not know if I will experience a relapse.

Speaking of inordinate fondness and badges, I have joined a number of groups over on Ravelry (I am sarahkc) just to have the badges. I have not participated much in the groups, but I wanted the badges. Ravelry is nice. I think others get more use of it than I do, and perhaps I will get more use of it in the future. I will tell you that it gave me a nice feeling when I logged in the day after I accepted my invitation and saw that people had claimed me as a friend. It was the kind of encouragement that I needed that day, and I draw upon the memory when I feel like a loser. I suppose this makes me a bit of a dork and a loser, but I proclaim it a good thing.
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