Thursday, August 16, 2007


I suppose that confession is a much stronger word than I need to use. Perhaps it would be better to call these admissions, instead. In all truth, there really is not much of a need for me to come clean with all of you over these matters, but here I am blathering on about it anyway. Lately my Fit Knitter button has been mocking me. I have not been exercising with any regularity. I could spend more time examining the reasons for this, but I suspect it might lead to paralysis through analysis, and it would just be further procrastination. The biggest reason is that I do not like to exercise. Still, this is no excuse. Therefore, I am getting back on the exercise wagon. Wait, that is sedentary. I am hitching myself to that wagon and pulling it around. I hope that bringing exercise back to its rightful place in the schedule will drive away some of the pain that has been plaguing me. I also would not mind shedding a bit of fat and gaining some muscle. Whatever the outcome, it is good for me and the way my life needs to be. I am also employing a nifty tool to assist me. It is FitDay. I have used this in the past, and was reminded of it the other day on the radio. A particular dj, whom I consider something of a jackass, was talking about a similar program and running it down. He failed to see the usefulness of it. He was really getting on my nerves, and I wished he would get back to the music, but the experience was helpful. It reminded me of something I had in my arsenal but had not been using. Keeping a food log can be quite useful. I do not see myself using it everyday of my life forever, but it can be a revealing experience.

I also publicly proclaim that I am guilty of sending out my Caps for a Cure knitting a bit late. All I can say is that it has been hot and I did not want to go to the post office. I am making personal progress in that I did not beat myself up for having knit three caps instead of more.

I finished spinning up a second bobbin of singles. I will let them sit a day or so and then begin my plying adventure. This is my first big bunch of spinning on the wheel. I am not a huge fan of the fiber I am using. I have about four more ounces of it to play with, so we will see what happens.

I have cast on again for Sandia. I tried starting it last week, but it only served as a distraction, and I twisted my cast on. The knitting I did was helpful to pass the time, but it had to be ripped. Besides, one of the balls of green had a tangly mess and it needed fixing. I hope to have this hat gracing the head of a busy toddler soon.

I think I will have the time tomorrow to begin the border on Mom's stole. It will take some quiet and concentration to pick up and knit the many stitches along the long edges. By the way, my modification working the center panel worked out wonderfully. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try it.
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