Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Spinning the Hard Way

I am still getting to know fibers, my wheel, and spinning in general. I spun and plied and am now trying to convert the resultant yarn into knitted socks. We shall see what happens. The yarn still feels a bit harsh. To put a positive spin on the situation, all yarn used after knitting on these socks feels so soft. I am getting used to knitting with the yarn I have spun, and discovering how many stitches I need. It is fewer than I had predicted. I still have not chosen the pattern for the leg. I have been perusing my Charlene Schurch sock books. You can see a progress shot of the toe along with another experiment.

In furtherance of my fiber journey, I took my first adventure into dyeing spinning fiber. I dug out the Kool Aid and a pile of fluff and gave it a go. My husband got up from a nap and asked what I had been cooking. I asked if it smelled fruity, and smiled. He was not amused. I was glad to have a consolation dish of strawberries to make up for whatever it was he thought I had cooked. Anyway, I like the way it looks so far. The color in my photo is way off, but shooting outside is a no go for now. We shall see what happens. I used more Kool Aid than I guessed I would, but that is fine. I am anxious for it to dry so I can try it out on the wheel.

I missed out on an opportunity to see Lynn Vogel on Sunday. I had really wanted to attend, but it was not to be. I have received report that the afternoon was wonderful, and that fiber-y goodness did abound. I am trying to not mope too much about it, but move on and look forward to future happy happenings.
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