Friday, August 24, 2007

Finishing Friday

No, I have not finished any knitting projects, but the week is over. I hope that tonight is the beginning of a wonderful weekend. While I missed knitting with the Skanks on Monday, it looks like I will be able to knit with the NAKG tonight. Tomorrow is Freda's bridal tea. I have reports that she has been knitting with her gift yarn, and that the stole is progressing nicely. I am doing a nice job with not freaking out over the tea party, but rather focusing on the prospect of having fun. If I mess up horribly, it should at least be nice blog fodder.

Our week has not been as fun as we would like. Bruce is suffering with terrible dental troubles. He has other health issues that cause dentists to fear him. We spent Wednesday at the Birmingham VA, and it looks like we are on our way to getting things fixed. There is still more waiting ahead, but we have hope. I am sure to keep plenty of on the go knitting packed and ready.

I am still plugging away on Mom's stole, but progress feels slow. I keep doing the math to figure what percentage of the edging I have completed. While this number is in the double digits, it is still terribly low. Perhaps I should work a bit of baby knitting to get that nice FO feeling.

Speaking of babies, I have learned that one more of the many babies in process will be a girl. So much baby knitting to get going. I had an inquiry yesterday on that other blanket. Please, Geri, I do not need the pressure. Ugh! I may stuff the yarn for a Vine Lace Hat in my bag and bring it along tonight.

I have knit this hat twice already, but I used larger needles and worsted weight yarn. I used Cotton Fleece. They turned out well. I donated them to Caps for a Cure. Speaking of, I think I am hostess for the next round. I am ready!

As for some more on-the-go, easy knitting, I think I am going to try to knit from my handspun. I had a plying adventure earlier in the week. This yarn represents the most I have spun on my wheel. It also reveals that I am not yet an expert. Still, I took my experience further and abused the yarn. The treatment improved the yarn, and I thank other, more practiced spinners for sharing their journeys with the method. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and give it a go, feeling the spirit of adventurous spinners by my side. I definitely need to pick up the specialized equipment, and perhaps that issue of Spin Off. At any rate, here is the yarn, Handspun3MusketeersMintand I am going to try to make it into socks. I also share with you my current, favorite, treat. Fear not, my friends, I emptied the wrapper before taking it outside with the yarn for pictures. It was 102 degrees, and one cannot be too careful.
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