Saturday, February 15, 2014

They Doubted His Powers

Maybe people will make a bigger deal out of Groundhog Day next year, eh?  I sure wish I had been able to celebrate it more, but a small celebration can be good, too.  The weather shutting things down for a few days can be good, too.  It reminded me to watch out for being ruled by busyness and to look for the difference between the urgent and the important.  

Today, I am remembering to take a moment to take joy in the little things in life.  Things remain rather rough around here, but life is like that sometimes.  I think the stress of it all is reflected in a flurry of little online purchases I have made over the past week.  I have a couple of sewing machine feet, some knitting needles, and about 1500 beads on their way to me.  As far as stress-shopping goes, that really is not too bad, and I have some plans for most of what I bought.  I even intend to use most of it soon.  Well, soon-ish, and the sewing bits might be more telling on where I am on the lunacy end of things, but it is not as bad as it could be.  

One of the things I plan to make soon from the recent purchases is either Celestarium or Southern Skies.  They are the reason for the bead purchases, and yes, I did order enough beads to make them both, but I do not know that I will.  I still have not bought either pattern, and have not decided whether to knit with or without the YOs.  I ordered a set of faceted ab beads, and a set of clear silver lined seed beads, and am not sure which I will use.  If I wait for both sets of beads to arrive, I should have plenty of time to decide, as one set is projected to be delivered some time in March.  Then again, the tracking for one package showed it out for delivery yesterday, 100 miles away ten hours later, and then showed up today, so whatever happens could be a mega-mystery.  While we wait, I am entertaining thoughts, opinions, and advice on which shawl to knit, which beads to use, and the YO/noYO issue.

In the meantime, I am knitting.  This time it is a baby blanket, and I am making nice progress with it.  Garter stitch is good, and the size of the squares is just right for me.  They do not get too big as to be in the way, but they are large enough that each block completed means substantial progress on the overall piece.  I have a plan that could put completion within a week, but this is a no-pressure, no-stress, and no deadline project, so if it takes a bit longer than that, it is fine.          
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