Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dispatch from the Patch

Just when it seemed we were out of the danger from the cold, a leftover piece of it jumped up and bit me.  Actually, it was a patch of ice I was not even thinking of watching out for because the danger of ice seemed like it should have been gone.  Yeah, I fell, but it could have been much worse.  I was carrying my nephew (he's 20 months) at the time, and I am just glad that he was unhurt.  I was carrying him on the left and I managed to fall to the right.  Now I have a somewhat sad elbow and shoulder, but it is not too bad.  I am doing the resting and icing and that is helping.  It has limited me from doing much beyond Netflixing, but there are worse ways to pass time.  Anyway, somehow I have found a comfortable position on the couch and gotten some real sleep in acceptable quantities for three nights in a row, even.  Yeah, I'm surprised, too, but quite pleased.  

So, you ask yourselves, and quite rightly, "Why is she bothering to blog if she's just lying about on the couch not doing anything?"  Well, you see, before the fall, my sister found a picture of something and gave a not-so-subtle hint that she would like me to make it for my niece.  Since it is unbearably cute, super easy, and takes almost no time, I made one.  I think I will make more.    

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