Tuesday, May 08, 2012

So Long, SuperMoon!

Perhaps it was the passing of the SuperMoon, maybe it was because a few life bits slowed to a more manageable pace, or it could be that I was just too worn down to fight it, but I finally slept.  In fact, I slept a lot; too much, it seems, as my back began to complain.  That might always be a tough balance for me, but there you go.  

I keep knitting little hats for Harrison, I am reading whenever I can (the ability to check out library books on my Kindle is a wonderful thing!), and even finding time to knit some on my Rata Lace Scarf.  This is very good, as I need this downtime to recharge before I have about 72 hours of extreme busyness.  I am choosing not to think about how close I am to that, but am glad to have done as much as can be done ahead of time already.  

I have been reveling in the good feelings of getting things done, and letting them inspire me to get more things done.  Sometimes that just means finishing a batch of laundry or a sink of dishes.  In other instances, it means getting things off in the mail like a batch of photos for my grandparents and the Kindle cover that I wove.  Of course, there are always more things I need to get in the post, but they will wait.  They have to; I have not made them yet, but I have many ideas.  In fact, I just had another pop into my head as I typed this.  I really ought to write them down before I forget.  

It was a load off my mind to get the Kindle cover in the mail, because I had been paid to make it.  Everything about it turned out better than I thought it would.  I even managed to get my sleeping nephew to show off the finished product.  I like to think that his little smile means that he will always be a joyful and cooperative model for me.                    
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