Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Weaving: Demo Edition

I felt a bit nervous as I made my way to the school where I would be a weaving demonstrator. After all, I was listed as a guest artist on the flyer for the event. Artist seems like such a grand title, and I felt like a fraud. I tried not to think about it, and focused on what I would be weaving. I had my Ashford rigid heddle, my Schacht Cricket, and my Schacht inkle looms set up and ready to go.

The parents were interesting, and had many questions. One asked how much the blanket cost, and when I did not have an answer, told me that I ought to know. She kept circling and I think that maybe she
was waiting for me to name a price. A father got very close, watched intently for several minutes, and likened the process to computers with the on/off options. Another parent asked many questions about the fiber arts, had interesting things to say, and hired me to make a case for her Kindle. That was unexpected, but very nice. She did not want to give any suggestions on color, as she just wants me to be inspired and let my creativity lead the process.

It helped that I had Bruce along for moral support. However, that also meant that the kids got to weave on my Cricket a little bit. For the most part, they listened and did well. There were a few almost too shy and nervous to try, and one who was very confident in her abilities and thought that she should be given free rein over all of my looms. The kids were funny, and it seemed like a couple felt a real connection to weaving. One declared, "I am going to ask my parents to get me one of these machines!" At the end of the night, a first grader gave Bruce a hug.
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