Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thinking Positively

I can be a bit negative. It's good to try and look at things from a different perspective. Sometimes when I'm having difficulty keeping the depression at bay I take the extra time and energy to focus on how things could be good. Yes, I am having trouble beating back the beast. In fact, I forgot that I had begun cooking on Sunday, went back to bed, and nearly burned down our home. It is with the idea of keeping a more pleasant perspective that I write this post.

While I did temporarily have a Sarah-style freakout moment over the excitement of meeting
Stephanie, the overall effect has been positive. I was getting into a bit of a knitting slump. Now I am about halfway up the feet of my Pomatomus, and I've cast on and passed the toes of another pair of socks. The only decision is whether this second pair of socks will be for me or Bruce.

I've been spending more time reading knitting blogs. It seems like I can spend a whole day following links and getting inspired. My trip to
Threaded Bliss Yarns has me keeping up with their blog now, too. They are having a captioning contest for the pictures from Stephanie's visit. Check it out and see if you can be a winner.

Somehow I found myself on the preview page for the
Summer 2006 Issue of Interweave Knits. I think I might need to pick up this one. There are a few patterns I think I'd like to knit. I'll need to look through the magazine to be check them out more closely. There are some nifty patterns available online, too. I find Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' Bazaar Socks to be especially inspiring. I see potential in the patterns in this issue. I might need to do a bit of tweaking here and there, but that's not a problem. In fact, it's good. I'll expand my knitting skills and stretch my brain to change the patterns to suit me.
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