Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fearless Frogging

Who knits five heels on one pair of socks? I do. Well, I will, and more if necessary. I've already turned the heel three times for my mom's Wick socks. The first time I was turning a heel I thought there was a problem, but I carried on with it. Then I worked the heel of the other sock. I compared the two and saw that the first needed to be redone. No problem. I ripped back and worked that heel again. Still, I was unsure. I decided that I needed to have Mom try on the socks because I began to think that they were not long enough in the foot. Sure enough, she pulled one on, and I could see that they were too short. I've now ripped back both and gotten them back on the needles. Time for more round and round with the stockinette. I guess I just want to give this pair of socks to my mom so much that I've gotten ahead of myself. I also want them to be great, so I don't mind frogging and reknitting them until they are right. I've already redone toes two or three times. It was well worth the effort to get the toes right. I know these are going to be great socks. I love the way they feel. This yarn is so neat. The other good thing about all the frogging and reknitting is that I have greater confidence that this yarn will hold up well. It still looks great after all the abuse it has been through. It makes me believe that these socks will stand the test of time.

Well, the socks aren't showing progress, but that doesn't mean I don't have an accomplishment to report. I got those chemo caps off in the mail. They're somewhere between here and Maine. I believe the next group we're knitting for is in South Carolina. Time to bring out some lighter weight and cotton yarn, I think.
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