Friday, November 30, 2018


So, there have been some sales lately, I have many upcoming gift-giving occasions, and I need to be prepared.  What's that you say?  You're super-curious about my shopping?.  Well, I did manage to score a sweet deal on hand sanitizer for the stockings.  I'll stop there before you become overwhelmed with jealousy.  

Ah, but now you are wondering if I saw many things I would like, too?  You bet.  However, I do not have limitless funds, and besides, I was really looking for gifts for others.  That does not mean I was totally selfless; I did pick up some things just for me.  I bought some markers, and that's a treat just for me.  I picked up some deodorant, and that's a treat for everyone.  Then there's this other thing I bought myself.  Well, I can use it to make things for others, but you understand what I mean.  Anyway, even though it was not a time-limited sale, it was still a good deal as it was on clearance, and you know you need to snap up those clearance bargains when you have a chance.  

Ta-da!  The waves of jealousy return, no?  I mean, who doesn't wish for five pounds of polyester fiberfill?  I actually did need to get more of this stuff(ing), but seeing as how I mostly use it to fill those teeny-tiny knits, I may have achieved SABLE status for this.  Maybe I just need to knit a bunch more for the Knit Ball Pit.  Those need much more stuffing to fill.

Yeah, this was what I was waiting on delivery for yesterday.  The package of markers is included for scale.  They were delivered separately yesterday.  The whole thing is more amusing to me than it should be, but we all have to find our ways to cope.  Anyway, I'm a little concerned about opening the box because of the potential for expansion issues.  Maybe I need to have a Space Bag ready.  
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