Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Riddle Me This

There has been so much talk amongst so many in the family about limiting carbs, but I just bought fifteen pounds of potatoes for Thursday.  And you know what?  There probably won't be any leftover mashed potatoes.  Ah, but it's all good.  I'll make the S'More Pie and Squash Casserole on Wednesday, and the mashed potatoes just before we go on Thursday.  Maybe I will make gravy, but I haven't yet decided.  This year my brother is bringing in a turkey from a barbecue place some friends own, so we'll see how that goes.  

Everything seems to be coming together for a good time.  I think we have our wild cards limited to three, and probably only one of them would cause enough of a disruption to be a real problem.  I think that's pretty good for a family.  That being said, I help out in the kitchen and with kiddos, so that usually means I have a great time.  

Now, I just have a bit more time to lie about like that sack of potatoes and do as little as possible.  I'm really just so much more tired than I would like to be right now, but I'm not worrying.  I probably just need to rest a bit.    
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